How to Stay Involved in Your Teen’s Life at Therapeutic Boarding School

Making the decision to enroll your daughter with Greenbrier Academy, girl’s private boarding school, is a positive decision that will bring real change to her life, especially if she is struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD or trauma. It also means time spent away from your daughter, which both of you will need to adjust to.

Your daughter will become part of a strong, encouraging and healing environment that will help her become the best version of herself. You can be a part of this experience and grow along with her.

In addition to family workshops held three times a year, our therapeutic boarding school also offers a parent support program.

How to Stay Connected Through Our Parent Support Program

  • A Welcome Call- After enrolling your daughter in the program, the family therapist specialist will give you a welcome call  to introduce herself, answer any questions you might have, provide details about her background, and talk to you about scheduling a phone or video call every other week. She will also schedule this family call during the initial conversation.
  • Phone Calls- Every other week, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to the family therapist specialist on the phone or via video call. During the calls, you’ll learn how your daughter is progressing at Greenbrier. Sometimes students have a hard time adjusting at first, so this is to be expected. The change will likely be difficult for both of you, but as you begin to notice her progress, you’ll have the assurance that you’ve made the right decision.
  • Be Open- During the phone calls, you may be asked to divulge information about the dynamics of your family and its history. Be open. Discuss your beliefs and values, but don’t be afraid to talk about the problems you’ve been experiencing at home with your daughter or with other family members. If there have been traumatic events, stress, or dysfunction in the family, sharing that with the therapist will help us understand the underlying issues or pain your daughter may be dealing with.
  • Intense Education- While your daughter may be learning how to cope with her new surroundings, you’ll also be gaining an education. Do your best to learn. The family therapist specialist will talk to you about development, attachment, boundaries, relapse and dynamics of adoption.
  • Informative Calls- With some calls, you’ll discuss what your daughter is experiencing, what she’s working on in therapy and how you can adjust your family situation to ensure what she learns now won’t be forgotten when she returns home. You’ll be taught how to provide a supportive environment, what amount of freedom is appropriate and how some arguing is normal and even healthy.

Continued Support

As you learn and grow, you may be able to become part of a video conference with other parents. In this community, you’ll be able to mentor new parents while also gaining the support you need on a regular basis. Parents of all stages attend these meetings, including those that have daughters who have already transitioned back home or to college.

Get the support you need while your daughter is at our therapeutic boarding school and learn how to give her the best chance for success when she graduates. Greenbrier offers plenty of support through our family therapist specialist.

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