Three Ways Greenbrier Encourages a Positive Work Ethic

According to the Boston University Center for Career Development, a good work ethic can help your daughter, both now and in the future. It’s about more than just working hard. It’s about learning how to be dependable, how to hold a positive mindset, how to act and dress professionally, and how to adapt easily to a changing environment. Developing these qualities should begin early in your daughter’s life.

At our all-girls boarding school, we not only help troubled teens change the way they think about and develop relationships, but we also work hard to provide them with the tools they need to become a team player who can also easily transition into a leadership role.

Creating a Positive Work Ethic

When students arrive at our boarding school, they are often experiencing layers of difficulty at home, in relationships with others, and in their relationship with self. We help our students through a parallel of services, including therapy and academics. Some of our therapeutic programs, services and clubs specifically assist with the development of a strong work ethic.

Service Work

Service to others teaches responsibility, respect, follow-through and teamwork, all while increasing your daughter’s feelings of self-worth as she is able to display compassion toward others. Our service projects vary. Some are conducted locally. We may take the girls to a city nearby where they can feed the hungry, walk for breast cancer, spend time with the elderly, or care for abandoned or neglected animals.

We also provide our girls with service opportunities beyond our own community. Our students have traveled as far as Ghana, Africa where they were involved in several humanitarian efforts and building projects.


There are a variety of clubs available for students at Greenbrier. Our all-girls boarding school uses the community of clubs to help students explore their interests and find their passion with others. Clubs can also teach important values, and allow them to work on leadership, team work, flexibility and dependability.

Some of the clubs we offer at Greenbrier include: Music Club, Gardening Club, Yearbook Club, Humanitarian Club and Student Council. Our staff will also help students create their own clubs if their particular interest is not represented.


One of the requirements of graduation is the successful completion of all five aspirations. The aspirations include:

  • Respect and Gratitude
  • Courtesy and Compassion
  • Humility and Honor
  • Empathy and Forgiveness
  • Trust of Self and Others

In addition to working toward understanding and implementing each of these aspirations in their personal lives, the girls at Greenbrier Academy also work to help other students attain their aspirations. The aspiration council, made up of students and staff, works with each student to assist them in moving forward from one level to the next

All-Girl Boarding School and Work Ethic

At our boarding school for girls, we strive to provide each student with the skills and attributes that will help them excel outside of our school walls. Creating a strong work ethic is an important part of that. Find out more about what our school has to offer by calling today.

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