Life After Greenbrier: What’s Next for Your Daughter?

Graduating from the Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a major moment in your daughter’s life. To reach this step, she has gone through each of her aspirations and met the therapeutic requirements of the program. She’s improved academically and socially. Many graduates have even taken their ACT or SAT exams for college.

Stepping out of the protective barrier of these school walls can be difficult, however. The transition could mean a return to the negative patterns she had when she arrived at our boarding school for teen girls- if she doesn’t have the support she needs.

Your daughter will need help to maintain the changes she’s embraced so she doesn’t fall into old patterns. Greenbrier helps her in several ways before and after she leaves school.

Integration Coaching Program

Before your daughter graduates from Greenbrier, our girls boarding school helps her adjust to the new reality she’ll have after graduation through a couple of different methods. The first is work with her primary therapist. Your teen will discuss the different problems she might face when leaving the school and what she can do about them. The therapist will also help your daughter determine what the best options are for her after graduation. If she’s old enough, college or a career path might be the best option. They’ll discuss the benefits and issues that might come up with living in a new apartment, in a college dorm or even returning home.

In addition to this, our boarding school for teen girls also features an integration program that helps coach the girls to maintain healthy relationships outside of the school. This program includes:

  • Nine coaching sessions that involve both your teen by herself and coaching as a family
  • Three group support call sessions
  • Three support calls
  • Email support
  • Worksheets and exercises your daughter and your family can do
  • A Facebook page just for you and your family

The coaching experience is unique to each girl, but helps her solve problem situations, continue to use the tools she has gained during her visits to the Village and use what she learned at Greenbrier in her every-day life. She’ll also learn how to handle new and challenging situations and how to deal with these situations without resorting to her old behaviors.

Mastermind Groups Offer Support After Greenbrier

As your daughter leaves the school, she can take advantage of mastermind groups that consist of other graduating students and alumni. These groups will help give your teen perspective, renew her knowledge of applied relationality and keep on learning. In fact, she’ll be given assignments regularly to help her integrate these important aspects so she continues to maintain healthy relationships with others.

Full Support For Your Teen After Greenbrier

At our girls boarding school, graduation doesn’t mean the end of our help or support. To prevent the return of poor habits and behaviors, we take many steps to give your daughter the support network she needs to succeed in the outside world. From email support to family coaching, we provide long-lasting help. There will always be unexpected life events and we are here for our Greenbrier girls.


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