3 Ways Music Helps Ease Anxiety

Does your daughter suffer from high levels of anxiety? Medication and talk therapy may help, but there are other therapies that can lower anxiety levels, including music.

According to the National Library of Medicine, simply listening to five or more minutes of uninterrupted music helps reduce psychobiological responses to stress. In a study involving two groups, one who listened to music while the other didn’t; the group that listened to music experienced lowered stress responses, including heart rate, cortisol levels, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, anxiety and perceptions of stress.

How does this happen? What kind of magic is involved in music? Here are just a few ways that music helps ease anxiety.

Music Creates Structure

When teens and children are distressed, traumatized or anxious, music can become a safe haven. Music is structured. Music, when repeated, is predictable. If you play the same CD and the same song over and over again, you hear the same voice, the same notes. If you hit a drum at a particular angle, again and again, you hear the same sound. For teens who suffer from anxiety, this type of structure, stability, and predictability can be very calming.

Music Helps Troubled Teens Communicate

Sometimes teens who are feeling anxious or troubled don’t know how to express themselves. They don’t understand how to put into words what they are feeling. Music can help them. Drumming is one of the most popular music options for this. As your teen practices drumming, her eyes closed with nothing around her but the beat of the drums to match her heartbeat, she can express herself easily. She can release her anger, frustration, and sadness through the art of drumming. This type of communication might not be verbal, but it speaks volumes and is proven to help  reduce anxiety.

Music Helps the Mind Slow Down

Meditation is an excellent way to teach teens how to relax and release their feelings of anxiety. When combined with soothing music, the results can be even more outstanding. It’s important that your daughter finds the type of music that works for her when she meditates. Some people do well with unstructured peaceful music, while others do better with familiar sounds.

Music and Therapy Combined

It’s important for both parents and teens suffering from anxiety to know that while music can help reduce anxiety, it should not work on its own. Treatment for anxiety is complex and often requires several different treatment options. At Greenbrier Academy, our all girls boarding school, we take advantage of the power of music in your daughter’s daily life through our drumming program. We combine music therapy with:

  • Making sure your daughter receives the medications she needs
  • Providing therapy at least once each week
  • Providing group therapy
  • Encouraging teamwork and recreational activities

If your daughter is suffering from anxiety, know that there is hope and it’s not just something she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. In most cases, therapy to reduce anxiety is successful, and music is one of them.

To learn more about Greenbrier Academy and the different types of therapy we offer, please give us a call.

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