7 Reasons Your Daughter Should Learn a Foreign Language

At Greenbrier Academy, we offer many academic options for our students that help achieve their goals of graduating high school and preparing for college. This includes two foreign languages, Spanish and French. Learning a foreign language may look good on a college application, but these courses offer many other advantages as well.

Opening Doors

One of the biggest advantages of learning a foreign language is the opportunities that become available to your daughter because of this new skill. In this modern world, knowing another language can open doors for your daughter, giving her the opportunity to visit different places, learn about new cultures and connect with people who speak a different language.

Increased Attention Span

Studies have found that learning a new language can actually increase a person’s attention span. This benefit is monumental for teens who struggle to stay focused on their academic success, especially those who have ADD and ADHD. The study showed that bilingual students were much more likely to score higher on tests, be more logical and rational and be able to multi-task more easily.

Employers Love It

Knowing more than one language lets your daughter communicate with different communities of people. When she graduates from our West Virginia boarding school, this skill will come in handy professionally. Employers love multilingual individuals, as they can communicate easily with customers who don’t necessarily speak the employer’s native language. For employers, this can mean increased production, more sales and improved profit margins.

Foreign Languages Boost Creativity

If your daughter is struggling to tap into her creative side, a foreign language can help. According to research, learning a new language not only helps with problem-solving and logical thinking, but it also encourages teens to experiment phrases and words. This type of divergent thinking can assist your teen in identifying multiple solutions for any problem she’s faced with.

It Increases Self-Confidence

One of our goals, while your daughter attends our girls’ boarding school, is to help her increase her confidence in herself. One way we do that is through foreign language classes. A foreign language is a new skill, and it requires a ‘I can do this’ type of attitude in order to be successful. Once your daughter begins to master even the most basic concepts of the language, her confidence will increase greatly.

Improved SAT Scores

Students who take at least one foreign language courses score approximately 38 points higher on their SATs than those who don’t. The results for students who take four years of a new language is even higher. As your daughter prepares for her next academic achievement: college, a foreign language can really help improve her success.

Improve Her Grasp of Her First Language

When your daughter learns a second or even third language, she doesn’t learn just words. She learns structure, tenses, spelling and grammar. Because of this, studying a new language can greatly help her better understand her native language. This can help make her a better speaker, writer and communicator in any language.

At our West Virginia boarding school, we offer your daughter every advantage possible for improved academic success. Consider discussing a foreign language course with her while she attends our therapeutic girls’ boarding school. There are many benefits of doing so.

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