Is Your Daughter Struggling With an Eating Disorder? 5 Types of Therapies That Can Help


Eating disorders are a concern every parent hopes they don’t have to deal with while they are raising a family. Unfortunately, statistics show that 2.7 percent of teens between the ages of 13 and 18 have an eating disorder. Approximately 50 percent of girls report using some type of unhealthy behavior to control their weight, as well, including:

  • Vomiting
  • Fasting
  • Skipping Meals
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Take laxatives

If you believe your daughter is suffering from an eating disorder, Greenbrier therapeutic boarding school is the answer. We offer a number of therapeutic approaches that can help your daughter understand the reasons behind her eating disorder and develop a better relationship with food.

Types of Eating Disorder Therapies

Equine Therapy Programs

The equine therapy program at our girls’ boarding school uses horses to help girls with emotional growth. Throughout the program, the girls will learn how to bond and develop a healthy relationship with their horse through activities like grooming and basic exercises. This will teach them how to better care for themselves while increasing their body image, self-esteem and confidence.

Balanced Body and Mind Class

This class focuses on helping girls develop healthy relationships. The first step to doing this is to heal the relationship they have with their own body. Through body-based practices like mindful movement, exercise and breathing, they learn how to be better aware of what their bodies are telling them and how to treat themselves with respect.


Drumming is an experience every girl at our therapeutic boarding school takes part in. Each day, the girls gather together and play various rhythms together. While fun, drumming is also very therapeutic. It has been shown to increase self-awareness, reduce stress and release emotional trauma.

The Arts

The arts are more than just a way for your daughter to express her creativity. They also help her communicate and heal. Through art, she can tell her own story or share her thoughts and feelings. Greenbrier offers several different types of art, including sculpting, drawing, clay making and painting.

Addiction Recovery

Many of the students who come to our girls’ boarding school use some type of substance to mediate their inner pain. For some, it’s drugs. For those with eating disorders, it’s food. During individual, family and group therapy, we help our students face their past and the pain they associate with it. We teach them how to change the relationship they have with food, as well the relationship they have with themselves.

At the same time, we also provide them with nutritionally-balanced meals, consistent observation during and after meals, and random-weigh-ins. Their nutrition levels, skin tone, hair, mouth and eyes are checked regularly as well.

Change Your Daughter’s Life: Send Her to Greenbrier

We know it’s hard to let go, especially when it comes to your child. However, sometimes doing so is important, especially when you need help. If you’re worried about her safety because she’s struggling with an eating disorder, call us today. We have the therapeutic options to help her.[highlight style=”eg. green, yellow, purple, blue, red, black, grey”]…[/highlight]

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