7 Benefits of Small Class Sizes You Probably Never Thought Of

At our all-girls boarding school, our classes have an impressive student-teacher ratio of only 10:1. With highly-qualified teachers and inspiring curriculum, every graduating girl from Greenbrier Academy has gone on to college, university or trade school. Our small class sizes play a big role in this outcome.

Benefits for Students:

Every Student is Engaged

In a classroom of 30 students and one teacher, it’s easy for one or two students to get lost in the shuffle. Smaller class sizes mean our teachers can make sure every student is engaging in the learning process. No one gets left behind.

Every Student Participates

Fewer voices in a classroom means there are more opportunities for every student to speak up and participate in the discussion. This is especially important at Greenbrier, where teachers help students gain wisdom through applied knowledge and discussions. Each student is encouraged to share their opinion, their view and their questions.

Every Student Benefits Long Term

Studies have shown that students who learn in small class sizes not only have better test scores, but these class sizes affect their success in life. Research shows class size influences earning potential, reduces crime and improves the chances of college attendance.

Students Work Together

Students like to work with people they’re comfortable with. In a large class, it’s easy for them to split up into multiple groups and only interact within a small clique. In a small class, there are numerous opportunities to get to know all classmates and work with them. This helps our students learn how to form new, supportive relationships with others and work together with individuals they don’t know very well.

Benefits for Teachers:

Peaceful Environments

In a class with 10 students, noise is much less of a factor than it is in a classroom of 30 students. It’s much easier for teachers to keep the noise in check to create a peaceful, tranquil environment in which they can draw the students in. This helps the teachers be more productive and the students to be more focused.

Teachers Can Adapt

Small class sizes give teachers more time to interact with students on an individual basis. This means they can work with each student and help them better understand their needs. In addition, they can diagnose how each student learns, keep better track of how they are doing and adapt how they teach to better reach the student.

Teachers are Happier

When a classroom is peaceful, easy-to-manage and productive, teachers are often much happier and better at their jobs. They don’t dread coming into work and are much more likely to remain in their current position for longer periods of time.

Classroom Sizes at Greenbrier Academy

At our all-girls boarding school, we help trouble teens achieve their academic dreams through small class sizes. With the prospect of improved academic results, happier instructors and increased engagement for students, we know that we’re on the right track with the education we provide. If you’d like to learn more about our academic philosophy and classrooms, please contact us today.

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