How a Therapeutic Boarding School for Anxiety Can Improve Academic Performance in Teens

School. Homework. After-school activities (the ones that look best on a college application).  Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

While most adults tell teens that these are the best years of their life, most high schoolers beg to differ. Every year, there is more and more pressure to be better, be different, be extraordinary. After all, if they don’t get into a good college and they don’t earn a degree, they’ll never get the perfect job, buy the perfect house, be able to provide for their children and lead a happy life, right?

Teens today are constantly striving toward perfectness and caught between success and failure. All of this perceived pressure and stress leads to a number of problems, including:

  • Increased rates of depression (1 in every 5 to be exact)
  • Increased rates of anxiety (statistically more common in teen girls)
  • More high school students thinking cheating is okay
  • Increased rates of self-harm and suicide
  • More teens developing chronic anxiety disorders

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Anxiety Can Increase Academic Engagement

Academic pressure can lead to anxiety in teens in many ways.

  • Test-prep businesses are encouraging more parents to enroll their teens to prepare for the ACT and SAT. Instead of just helping their teen study for the SAT, parents enroll them in courses above their skill level so they learn more and can do well on the tests. This type of perceived pressure and extra curriculum can make your daughter anxious, especially if she starts to fall behind.
  • School districts are also making students anxious through competition involving standardized tests. The students’ scores are measured against scores in different states. The highest scoring states receive rewards. This type of pressure is a lot for a teen to take on.
  • College admissions processes are also playing a role. As many of us know, getting into college has never been easy. Now, the competition is even more fierce. Many colleges have only a few spots available, and these go to only the most highly-qualified candidates.

What Colleges Are Doing to Help

Fortunately, most colleges are addressing the increase of anxiety, depression and suicide in teens by making their college admission process easier. Many of the top schools, including Harvard and MIT, are changing how they look at applicants. While academics still need to be strong, most look more closely at excellent grades in a student’s chosen field of study rather than a wide-spread GPA that includes honor courses.

Some schools are even helping reduce teen stress by eliminating honor and AP courses altogether. Instead, they help students focus on areas that will help them succeed in college, without requiring them to go beyond their grade level.

Academics at Greenbrier Therapeutic All-Girls Boarding School

At our boarding school for teen girls, we have a carefully constructed curriculum that is not only contextual but flexible. We make it our mission to not only help your daughter learn but to absorb the knowledge we provide. With hands-on learning, small classrooms and expert teachers, students are given the best education, without pressure or stress. We offer ACT and SAT prep courses as well if they decide to take the tests. While we expect each student to succeed, we encourage this through an individualized academic plan, curiosity and problem-solving. We use online courses for students who want to explore other types of courses as well.

Greenbrier has everything your daughter needs to succeed academically, without added pressure and stress. Learn more about what we offer here.


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