Healing the Family While Your Teen is Away at Therapeutic Boarding School


Troubled teens often wreak havoc on the world around them, in addition to their own inner selves. While most often unintentional, teens with anger issues, behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues and academic problems often take focus away from other individuals in the family. Relationships between spouses can suffer. Siblings can feel left out and put to the wayside.

When you make the decision to enroll your daughter in Greenbrier’s therapeutic boarding school, it may be the best decision you ever make for both your daughter and the rest of your family. While she receives the help she needs and catches up academically, it gives you and your family time to heal.

Where exactly does that healing begin?

Healing Your Family

When the mental health of your family has been shaken by living with a troubled teen, there are several steps you can take to begin recovering.

Get Outside Help

Parents and siblings can often benefit from therapy during this time, especially if other relationships in the family have been affected by your teen’s behavioral issues. Couples counseling can be beneficial for the renewing of marital bliss. A therapist can help you and your spouse learn how to communicate with each other again and can help you understand the importance of specific time set aside for just the two of you. Family counseling can give the entire family a platform to address their concerns about the past and their anxieties about what might occur when your teen returns home.

Support groups for parents of troubled teens are often available locally. You can often find information through your therapist, a library or a local college. If none are available consider a support group online. NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) provides a variety of discussion groups that may be of assistance to your family.

Take Time to Reconnect

With your daughter at therapeutic boarding school, now is the time to try to reconnect with the rest of the family. Take the time to catch up on what each family member is doing in their own lives and be as involved as possible. Set aside planned time each week for family togetherness, such as board game nights or outings.

Participate in Greenbrier’s Family Workshops

Greenbrier therapeutic boarding school offers three family workshops in which the entire family can learn to heal and grow. During the workshops, our staff help explain what your daughter has been working on, explore multi-generational patterns and work on communication between each of the family members. You’re given tools to use and solid strategies that can be useful at home, so the changes you see aren’t just fleeting; they let youR family continue to heal after your daughter returns home.

Your daughter may be hurting when she enters Greenbrier Academy for Girls, but she isn’t the only one. While she’s getting the help she needs, make sure your family is taking every opportunity to heal as well. There are many options available to you, including counseling, support groups and family workshops here at GBA.

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