Why Greenbrier Academy is a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls That Puts Family First

When families are struggling with troubled teens, many families assume that their teen is the driving source of family issues.  As teenage girls grow and develop, they face physical and mental changes that affect how they act and who they become. Life starts changing as they age into their teenage years which often results in them lashing out, exhibiting rebellious behavior, isolating from the family, and/or engaging in negative peer relationships. Families recognize this behavior but might not realize how they play a role in it as well. Family dynamics play a huge role in a child’s mental health and overall well-being.  A teen has a much better chance of healing if her family can heal alongside her.


Building Positive Relationships Leads to Healing

Families are something we carry with us for a lifetime. It is important to establish and solidify these relationships as positive ones. Family therapy sessions can allow families to deal with issues between certain family members, show a family how to relate to their teen, and how to communicate properly. When a family as a whole is involved in the healing process of a teen, therapy is proven to be more effective. The parent-adolescent relationship is a difficult one, and it’s important to put in an effort to improve and solidify positive family relationships.

As girls grow into teenagers, they become more independent.  Teenage girls are starting to form who they are, what they want, and how they act. Puberty brings a series of changes that is hard for them to understand and work through. As they grow from a child to an adolescent, many young girls are unable to cope with the changes they face or don’t feel that they have the support they need. Teen girls may become depressed, face anxiety, struggle with eating disorders, or even turn to drug abuse.

Family Workshops at Greenbrier

Greenbrier Academy offers three family intensive workshops during your daughter’s treatment of which your family can take advantage.  The family workshops have been developed to meet the goals and objectives of each phase during your daughter’s journey at Greenbrier. They will improve your family’s ability to communicate and enhance your closeness on a long-term basis. The family workshops are broken up over the course of three days, each one powerful and effective. Greenbrier Academy recognizes that many students were acting out due to family driven issues, making family-aimed treatments important to their students and their overall success.

During the family workshops, parents and children are encouraged to speak openly with one another and to voice strong feelings, whether they are positive or negative.  The workshops provide a safe environment for families to discuss difficult topics.  Support and guidance for the family is offered by Greenbrier Academy’s Clinical Director and by several other families who are also participating in the therapeutic exercise.  Family workshops are challenging and emotional at times.  However, both parents and daughters often find themselves sharing suppressed sentiments that have been weighing heavy on their hearts for some time.  The heartache and tears are well worth it when a family can finally reconcile and begin to laugh and live together in harmony once again.

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