Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls: How Equine Therapy Can Save Her Future

When students at Greenbrier Academy fall in love with our horses, it rekindles their sense of purpose and belonging in the world. Greenbrier Academy offers both an equestrian program called the School of Horsemanship alongside our Equine Therapy. These programs aren’t just effective for girls who are already comfortable around horses. If she struggles to reflect on her nonverbal communication, develop leadership skills, or develop emotional awareness, you are in the right place. Learn how Horsemanship can help get her back on track. Horses transform our student’s lives everyday. Here are some of the benefits we have witnessed firsthand.

Leadership Skills

Training, horsemanship instruction, caring for horses, and developing relationships with the animals naturally benefits people in the same way caring for a pet would. Caring for these magnificent creatures gives her a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Many of our students have never been asked to be responsible for another being. Our Equine Program gives students that opportunity. In order to get beyond the negative, self defeating behavior patterns many struggled with before enrolling at Greenbrier, they needed the love of a horse to give them motivation to change.

Develop Empathy & Emotional Awareness

Horses make such an impact on teenage girls because of their tremendous sensitivity, despite their size. Large and powerful, developing relationships with an animal that seems to be overbearing is extremely healing for adolescents who may feel intimidated by other relationships outside of their control. Working with horses can improve her confidence, while equestrian exercises help her evaluate the impact of her nonverbal communication.

As horses are social creatures, with defined roles within their herds, there is great opportunity for metaphorical learning from interactions within the therapy group. Both in caring for and working with horses, students are encouraged to put a lot of effort into their relationships with the horses. And in a culture of instant gratification, making a long-term time commitment and watching it pay off can do wonders for a youth’s mindset.

For more on equine therapy or to inquire about Greenbrier Academy for Girls’ robust programs, give us a call!