This Can Help Your ADHD Teen Succeed Academically


Many of the troubled teens that come to our boarding school for girls experience mental health issues like depression, anxiety and ADHD. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a disorder that can be treated, but never goes away completely. In fact, many adults with the disorder experience symptoms in their daily life because of it.

Teens with ADHD often have trouble concentrating, which can quickly lead to failing grades in a traditional school setting. While public schools today are striving to meet the needs of each student, some are still falling short of what ADHD teens actually need.

In fact…

  • approximately 50 percent of ADHD students repeat a grade by the time they reach their teen years
  • 35 percent drop out
  • only five percent go on to earn their college degree

While a therapeutic boarding school may not be your thought when it comes to finding a solution for your ADHD teen, it should be. Our boarding school for girls has what it takes to help your daughter succeed academically.

Small Class Sizes

ADHD students can benefit greatly from the small class sizes at Greenbrier. No more than 10 students are in each class, which means students get more personal support from their teachers.

Quantum Learning Method

Our learning method involves using hands-on learning. While students will still be given the same information they might be in a regular classroom, the application method lets them put that information to use by creating things related to it and taking on projects. This can be very beneficial for ADHD students who can become distracted in a traditional classroom.

College Preparation

100 percent of our students go on from our boarding school for girls to attend college or a four-year university. Because we want to help each student make the most of their future, we offer classes that help prepare students for college as well as pre-college exams like the ACT or SAT. We even have some classes that provide students with college credit.

Help with Deficient Credits

Many ADHD students coming into Greenbrier have experienced problems in their academic past. They may be behind on the credits they need to graduate or be at the correct grade level for their age. At Greenbrier, we’re willing to work with troubled teens to help them succeed and earn the credits they need. We compose academic plans for the student to follow and help them make up for their poor performance in the past.

Many Courses Offered

Students are given access to the same courses they might take at a regular public school, but also other courses that include world languages, drumming and equine history. This provides them with a well-rounded education they need to succeed in higher learning.

Do you have a daughter that has ADHD? While treatment for this disorder can help her live a healthier life, she deserves the best when it comes to her academics. Our boarding school for girls can help thanks to small class sizes, multiple course options and our application learning method.

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