5 Ways a Therapeutic Boarding School Improves Academic Success for Anxious Teens


If your daughter is suffering from mental health problems, anxiety, or behavioral issues, you’ve no doubt noticed a significant effect on her life and her interactions with family members and friends. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, these issues can also play a role in her academic success. While girls are less likely to fail a grade (only 26.4 percent do) than boys, the problems above can have serious consequences on her ability to stay on track to graduate from high school.

While you may be thinking of sending your daughter to a therapeutic boarding school like Greenbrier for help with anxious behavior related to…

  • social interactions
  • academic performance
  • poor self image
  • past traumatic experiences

Our boarding school for anxiety can also help provide your daughter with the tools she needs to achieve academic success, even as an anxious teen. How does our boarding school do this?

#1- The Learning Model That Works

As with every other aspect of our boarding school, we take a relational approach to our academic philosophy. Because of this, our teachers use the Quantum Learning Model. This way of teaching helps emphasize hand-on learning. Your daughter won’t just learn to memorize facts, she’ll learn what those facts actually mean and how they affect the world around her. If your daughter struggles with anxiety, this model helps…

  • build her self confidence as she engages in hands on learning
  • make healthy friendships through academic experiences
  • cultivate a love for learning as she becomes curious about world around her

This application of knowledge helps reinforce what she learns, so she remembers it more easily.n

#2- Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes means fewer students for every teacher, which can help your daughter learn better. Not only will she have the opportunity to work one-on-one with her teachers, but she’ll have the opportunity to develop a relationship with them. Teachers help encourage relationships with their students, using the concept of Strong Relationality to help ensure those relationships are positive and productive.

In addition, small class sizes mean that your daughter’s questions won’t go unanswered and she won’t be forgotten, like she might in a larger classroom.

#3- College Planning

Greenbrier therapeutic boarding school is a college prep high school that provides a class for students who need to prepare for the ACT and SAT. In addition, students can take advantage of individualized tutoring, helpful study materials and online study programs for the tests. If your daughter is thinking of taking the PSAT, we can offer the test to her on campus. Our therapeutic boarding school offers transportation to test centers for the SAT and ACT.

In the past, 100 percent of students attending Greenbrier Academy for Girls have gone one to attend a college or university. We encourage students to get a head start on this by offering courses that provide both high school and college credit.

#4- Flexibility

Courses at our boarding school for anxiety are flexible- we work around what your daughter needs. This means she’ll be able to take the courses she needs to catch up on her academic schedule (within reason) so she can graduate on time.

#5- Continued Care

When your daughter graduates from Greenbrier, we don’t leave her high and dry. We commit to her success well into the future. To help ensure she has the support she needs when she returns home or goes off to college, we develop an individualized plan that addresses both her academic and therapeutic needs so she can continue to grow and succeed.

Is your daughter struggling in school or behind on her classes because of her anxiety? Our therapeutic boarding school can help address each issue and help your teen get back on track.

Have questions about our program? Give us a call today.