Setting Your New Year’s Resolution? Don’t Forget About This!

It’s the end of the 2018! What a full and purposeful year it’s been. Do you have any New Year’s rituals that you love?

At GBA, we’re taking a moment of reflection. We’re celebrating the many successes of our students this year, and acknowledge the steps many are taking towards higher education.

Nothing is more inspiring to us at Greenbrier than watching our students step into bright futures full of hope and purpose. When our girls at Greenbrier Academy become aware of their immense potential and put that potential to work, it’s amazing how their lives transform.

At our boarding school for girls, many of our students came through our doors having struggled with…

  • teen depression
  • teen anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • self harm
  • isolation tendencies
  • social anxiety
  • school refusal

This year, many our bright young ladies have been offered scholarship awards upon their college acceptance. We’ve had students accepted at the following universities or colleges, and we expect more offers to follow.

Dickinson College
East Carolina University
Northern Idaho College
University of Memphis
University of Maine
Warren Wilson College
University of South Carolina

We would like to congratulate these students on their supreme accomplishments on each of their individual journeys. With each of these prestigious institutions of higher education offering endless learning possibilities to our students, we see before them very bright and promising futures.

It’s a privilege to know they will play integral roles in the future of every community they choose to be a part of and, perhaps, the future of our world as we know it.

Keep up the good work, Greenbrier girls! You continue to make us proud every single day.