How Yoga and Meditation Help Teen Girls with Anxiety


Anxiety symptoms can wreak havoc on a teen girl’s social, academic, physical, and emotional life. According to past studies, about 32% of teens have an anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and panic disorder. Whether she’s recovering from a traumatic event, struggling with negative self talk, or coping in an environment where she doesn’t fit in, yoga and meditation can be a tool to relieve teen anxiety symptoms.

Unlike many other forms of anxiety relief, yoga and mindfulness have profound psychological effects AND they’re easily accessible. Let’s talk about why teen girls with anxiety benefit from yoga and meditation.

Teen Anxiety Symptoms

When you look at mainstream culture, it’s easy to see why so many teen girls are developing teen anxiety symptoms. With the increase in technology portraying unrealistic life expectations, many teen girls suffer from anxiety due to…

  • perfectionism
  • social expectations
  • lack of healthy, supportive friendships and mentors
  • negative body image and self talk
  • low self esteem

With the phone addiction phenomenon and the associated mental health risks to young people, we see students struggling due to lack of genuine support and connection from people who care about them in real life. Luckily, yoga can give teen girls new tools to…

  • connect with other peers who support their healing
  • build self confidence
  • quiet the mind
  • move stagnant emotional energy (often the root of teen anxiety symptoms)

Like any other type of exercise, practicing yoga releases endorphins- those feel-good hormones that reduce pain naturally. Physically, yoga lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate, increases muscle relaxation and increases the capacity to breathe.

Yoga and Meditation Benefits: The Research

Research published in the National Library of Medicine found that multiple studies have proven that yoga can be a tool for reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

A Harvard study evaluated the effect of yoga on a person’s overall well-being and anxiety. The results were a 65 and 30 percent improvement respectively. While yoga has been found to help with emotional issues, no matter the cause, imagine what the result would be if these types of exercises were part of her daily life.

Teens and Yoga

When teens are experiencing major anxiety to the point where their futures are being threatened, it’s time to get help. These teens may have trouble opening up to others about their symptoms, even to their peers. Yoga is perfect for this type of situation.

If your teen daughter is struggling with anxiety symptoms, attending yoga classes can help her establish new friends, or at least bond with other girls who’re also on the path to wellness. It gives her a floor to practice healthy relational patterns with peers.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Anxiety: Balanced Body and Mind Class

At our boarding school, we recognize how powerful yoga can be when it comes to teen anxiety symptoms. A therapeutic boarding school for anxiety will have mind body exercises built into day-to-day life on campus. Luckily, we have a number of clinical staff who’re passionate about providing mindfulness exercises and techniques within every aspect of a student’s therapeutic experience.

Greenbrier offers equine therapy, community African Drumming, and a Balanced Body and Mind class that incorporate mind body techniques. These experiences help create lasting healing and transformation as we empower our students to develop the tools they need to build new, healthy habits (which will serve them especially in difficult moments).

Through our model of Strong Relationality, we will help your daughter understand how her past and present relationships can be changed to overcome the helplessness of teen anxiety symptoms.

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