Dianna Dorman, LGSW On The Impact of Strong Relationality to Empower Adolescent Girls

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dianna, you’ve experienced her infectious positivity and enthusiasm. Our mission at Greenbrier Academy is as strong as our team. We’re blessed with some of the most dedicated clinicians in the field, and today, we’re happy to introduce you to Dianna.

With a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, Dianna shares about her role at Greenbrier Academy and the impact of our unique therapeutic model (Strong Relationality).

“The model of Strong Relationality at GBA fills a gap between the theories and strategies I learned in my graduate school program and in the field. Strong Relationality is a concept centered around relationships being the most significant factor in our human existence.

In my experience as both a graduate student and as social worker most theories and programs did not attribute enough significance to how the perceptions of the quality of our relationships with others can have a lasting impact on how we navigate through life. Additionally, it is through our relationships with others that we often adopt both beliefs and an identity shaped from the perceptions of our experiences. This can be powerful when it is a positive but also quite destructive if negative.

Our therapeutic strategy at GBA focuses on helping adolescent girls understand how they have perceived past relationships, any beliefs they have adopted as a result of their perceptions, how perceptions impact them in the present, and how they can change negative beliefs perceived in past relationships through the use of incorporating positive virtues (courage, honesty, compassion etc.) into their lives. I have found strong relationality to be both a lens and tool for healing as well as the glue connecting many of the strategies and approaches I have learned as a practitioner.”

Learn more about Dianna’s background by reading her bio here.