4 Months To Get Your Teen’s Life Back On Track

Have you heard of a therapeutic college preparatory boarding school? These programs provide a fully immersive therapeutic experience alongside an academic curriculum that’s designed to engage and inspire teen mental health. If you have a teen that you’re worried about, considering one of these programs could be the best decision you’ve made as a parent.

Before we go into detail, think about your most pressing concerns for your teen.

  • Are they struggling academically?
  • Are you worried about the types of friends they do or don’t have?
  • Concerned for their physical safety?
  • Are you riding an emotional roller coaster due to your teen’s mental health?

Chances are some of these concerns could be directly linked to the others. You’re worried about their physical safety because of their social life, academics due to their mental health, etc. Don’t fret. There are options to get your teen’s life back on track. The worrisome nights thinking about your teen’s future can be a thing of the past. Let’s talk about what a therapeutic college preparatory boarding school can provide.

Therapeutic & Academic Options for Troubled Teens

There are a number of therapy options available for your teen that can help her better understand the perceptions she has of past, present and future relationships and eliminate teen mental health symptoms like depression and anxiety. Sometimes it takes a completely new environment, free from old temptations, triggers, and distractions, to build new, healthy habits and relationships. That’s what a therapeutic college preparatory boarding school offers.

Smaller Class Sizes

Many of the girls that attend Greenbrier Academy have been struggling or are behind academically. A boarding school for girls can provide a supportive peer culture that can hold her accountable. The different location, engaging academic curriculum, and therapeutic environment can help your teen begin to evaluate her life from a new perspective.

Supportive Peer Relationships

At our boarding school for troubled teens, we embrace this fact through a therapeutic culture called the Aspirations. Aspirations involves a council of peers that help each girl progress through the Five Aspirations of Relationship system.

With the supervision and help of staff members, your daughter will work on meeting the specific attributes or virtues related to the five Aspirations, which are Trust, Humility and Honor, Courtesy and Compassion, Respect and Gratitude and Empathy and Forgiveness. Her peers will encourage her and determine whether she has met the requirements of each Aspiration before she can move on to the next. The Aspirations system, because it’s deeply ingrained in our school culture, can build intrinsic motivation for her to make changes due to positive peer influence.

One-on-One & Group Teen Therapy

Like any therapeutic boarding school, Greenbrier Academy offers traditional one-on-one therapy. A trained and certified therapist will meet frequently, usually once a week, with your daughter to discuss her past, present and future relational perceptions so she can overcome symptoms like family conflict, social isolation, depression and anxiety. The therapist may also schedule Skype calls or phone calls with you and your daughter to help you both improve your dialog and overcome issues.

In addition, your daughter’s therapist will assist her with the Aspirations goals that the community supports her to set for herself.

A Full Therapeutic Program in 4 Months

Unlike many therapeutic boarding schools that have a minimum stay of 12 months, Greenbrier Academy offers a 4 month program for families that might not need or have the resources for a 12 month stay.

Is your daughter struggling in school? This option gives her the opportunity to earn up to a semester’s worth of credit in 4 months.

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