Who Is A Greenbrier Academy Girl?

You want your daughter to do well in school. Perhaps you have dreams for her to attend college one day. Unfortunately the traditional school system has limited capacity to support teens struggling with mental health. A college preparatory therapeutic boarding school exists because academic success and emotional health are intertwined. Most students at Greenbrier Academy for Girls are held back academically because of emotional struggles. 

Let’s talk about what kind of students benefit from a college preparatory therapeutic boarding school like Greenbrier Academy.

Teen Mental Health at Greenbrier Academy

A GBA girl is a prospective college student whose potential is thwarted by emotional barriers such as:

  • various types of depression
  • anxiety symptoms
  • body dysphoria
  • attachment issues, sometimes associated with adoption
  • social media addiction
  • shame

Her present emotional disorders would not prevent her from basic boarding school and personal development activities. She is healthy enough to engage in adventure activities, local and international service trips, animal interactions, and extracurricular activities. Greenbrier often attracts girls who enjoy creative expression through our fine arts program such as drawing, painting, ceramics, writing, and theater. Equestrian girls will thrive in our state of the art riding facility and Equine Therapy Program.


College Preparatory Academics Within a Therapeutic Program

The academics in our program are college-prep quality to preserve college eligibility for every student that walks through our doors. We see that girls become self-motivated when their emotional struggles like depression and anxiety are quieted, diminished, or removed. Sophisticated therapeutics are required to uncover the deep level emotional blocks in teen mental health, so they can be transformed and healed.


What Kind of Therapeutic Program is Greenbrier Academy?

GBA is a state licensed mental health treatment facility and an AdvancED accredited therapeutic/academic boarding school for adolescent girls. 

We strategically coordinate and integrate academics and therapeutics.

In conclusion, a top notch college preparatory therapeutic boarding school needs top notch therapeutics. In kind, a sophisticated treatment facility needs top notch academics. Specializing in only one can compromise emotional and academic wellbeing, which is why we offer both at Greenbrier Academy.

Is your daughter struggling academically due to anxiety, depression, or other mental health barriers? Our school may be able to help.

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