Positive Peer Support At a Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

Positive peer support comes in all different, shapes, sizes and forms. It can come directly from a person or a group of people, through the Internet, via social media networks, in school, on sports fields and in self esteem programs. As most would agree, even the smallest form of positive peer support can be life changing!

When used inappropriately, peer support can become negative depending on the influence. Nowadays, with the advancements in technology and ever-changing social media networks to navigate, peer pressure can come from every angle in a teen girl’s life. Luckily, peer pressure isn’t always a negative thing, and positive peer support is an important trait that we cultivate in every aspect of our student life here at Greenbrier Academy for Girls.

Peer Support Can Influence Many Aspects of Your Teen’s Health

Not only can positive peer support help teen girls needing a self esteem program to feel good about themselves in the moment, but it can also improve teens’ decision-making processes, reduce the risk of depression, and boost overall confidence.

Positive peer support is about helping yourself and others to make choices that help you take good care of yourself, your mental health, and stay motivated. Nothing will help your teen daughter gain confidence like a group of new friends that believe in her. Who you surround yourself with impacts your actions, the words you say and the beliefs you have about yourself – and can help you transform your relationships that may have been unhealthy and damaging, into healthy and virtuous ones.

Positive peer support is a key aspect of life here at Greenbrier Academy, and if you are interested in learning more about what we can do for your daughter, please call us today at 877-788-8422. Our admissions team would be happy to talk with you over the phone or assist you in scheduling a tour of the school.

Not ready to take that step? Ready about our Aspirations Program, our backbone to maintaining positive peer support.

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