Best Therapeutic Activities for Youth

Understandably, teen mental health has taken a negative turn over the years. With social media, negative peer pressure, and high expectations to perform and conform, the real world is bombarding our youth’s mental health and they’re struggling to cope.

The rate of youth experiencing a mental health condition continues to rise. The rate of youth with Major Depressive Episode (MDE) increased from 11.93% to 12.63%. There was only a 1.5% decrease in the rate of youth with MDE who did receive treatment. Data showed that 62% of youth with MDE received no treatment.

State of Mental Health in America’s 2018 youth data & The Anxiety & Depression Association of America Data

If you’re a parent who’s child has been struggling with mental health problems, there’s good news. You’re not alone! There are a plethora of options for you to help your troubled teen.

Does your troubled teenager struggle with…

  • Getting out of bed in the morning?
  • Isolating from family and friends?
  • School refusal?
  • A history of self harm or threats of self harm?
  • General sense of hopelessness about life?
  • No motivation for school or extracurriculars?

These therapeutic activities for youth may help:

Music Therapy for Teen Anxiety Relief

Learning outside of a classroom can motivate students to want to learn. Taking students out of that environment to learn something new like therapeutic drumming can do wonders for their mental health. We utilize therapeutic drumming on a daily basis at our therapeutic boarding school. Therapeutic drumming provides anxiety relief for teens who struggle to feel a part of the group as it helps them integrate their right brain and left brain, enabling them to use their minds in new ways. When you take music therapy and incorporate it into a school environment, you give them a fighting chance of walking away from the experience having actually retained some of that information in a real-life, experiential way.

Horse Camps for Troubled Youth

Studies show that forging a relationship with horses releases endorphins into the body that can boost a troubled teen’s desire to connect and have empathy for others. Endorphins help to lower levels of stress and anxiety, improving overall mental, emotional, and physical health. Maintaining an optimum chemical balance results in a calm, present awareness while also increasing a troubled teen’s optimism about life. Our School of Horsemanship provides equestrian lessons and equine therapy sessions with a licensed professional and individually assigned therapist. 

Horses are behavioral mirrors by nature; that is, they will reflect back the energy of those that work with them. During a horse camp for troubled youth, body language becomes a nuanced art, to be paid attention to and controlled in detail. Because specific horses will gravitate toward specific people, these troubled teens will have the opportunity to practice non-verbal, energetic communication with different types of horses and personalities. Oftentimes, this makes it easier for them to transfer these skills back to their interpersonal relationships. 

Community Involvement to Boost Adolescent Self Esteem

It’s always a treat when a field trip is planned! With field trips in the real world, students can interact with one another and put their communication skills to the test in settings that are new and exciting to them. It also allows the teachers to be more creative with their lesson plans.

The real world has so much to offer and at Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we make sure our students see its full potential.

Struggling to support a teenager who’s lost hope in life? We might be able to help.

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