Programs for Troubled Girls: How to Choose


Choosing the right program for a troubled teen can be an overwhelming process.  You want the very best for your child. You’re worried about their future and need to trust that you’ve made the right choice. Unfortunately it’s difficult to sift through all of your options. Programs for troubled girls vary in length of stay, therapeutic model, philosophy and more. Whether you’re considering a residential treatment program, therapeutic boarding school or a wilderness therapy program, here are some resources to help your decision.

Seek Professional Advice

Many of the students who come to our program for troubled girls are referred by an independent educational consultant. If you would like professional support in choosing the right program for your troubled teen, we recommend locating a therapeutic educational consultant in your area. The IECA directory is a great resource.

Wilderness Therapy Programs

You may consider helping your daughter by enrolling her in a wilderness therapy program. This type of outdoor therapy involves various challenges in nature like backpacking and rock climbing. It also places your troubled teen in a remote setting where she can truly focus on herself and take a break from the harmful effects of social media and negative peer pressure in schools. Most wilderness therapy programs feature experts and therapists that can readily assist your daughter with developing a healthy approach to her life so she can take responsibility for her actions, improve her self-esteem and better her communication skills.

Residential Treatment for Troubled Teen Girls

There are different types of residential treatment centers around the United States and a family can see the difference based on how the specific program secures their campus (locked vs. staff secure, suburban vs. rural) etc. This can become confusing for families as not every program fits into one category. When considering therapeutic residential treatment programs for your troubled teen, here are some clarifying questions to guide your research:

  • What is the staff to student ratio?
  • How large are academic class sizes?
  • What’s the average length of stay?
  • How engaging is the academic curriculum?
  • What are the program’s therapeutic philosophies?
  • As a parent, are you able to be involved in the therapeutic process?
  • How is progress in the program measured?

Your search will become much easier when you’ve identified what matters most to you for your teen daughter’s treatment.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Many troubled teens dealing with behavioral and emotional struggles often benefit from attending a therapeutic boarding school, either in combination with a wilderness program or on its own. A therapeutic boarding school provides your daughter with a therapeutic residential environment while also offering college preparatory curriculum to engage her in the classroom, keeping her on track to graduate. In therapy, your daughter will start to understand how her struggle to form healthy relationships has led to her self defeating behavior patterns. She will then begin learning how to change her past negative perceptions  keeping her from developing relationships so she can practice making new relational habits.

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