Drumming As Music Therapy For Troubled Teens

When researching help for troubled teens, you’re going to find a lot of different therapeutic activities for youth. In our decades of experience offering a residential music therapy program, parents are always surprised to learn about the therapeutic benefits of drumming for troubled teens. While music therapy is a great therapeutic activity for teen recovery, drumming can be a therapeutic intervention in and of itself. Let’s talk about some of the unique benefits of drumming as music therapy for troubled teens.

Music Therapy & The Adolescent Brain

“The right brain functions as the creative center. It is the seat of visual, aural and emotional memory and processes information in holistic, intuitive terms, relying on pattern recognition. The left brain is the administrator… It processes in logical, analytical, verbal, and sequential fashion.” -Layne Redmond When The Drummers Where Women 

Unlike other forms of music therapy, drumming has the unique ability to entrain the left and right brain to synchronize which creates a sense of wellbeing and positive emotional responses. Research has also demonstrated significant growth in brain matter in the regions that connect both hemispheres. This is an essential aspect of healing troubled teens who suffer from trauma or anxiety.

Therapeutic Drumming Benefits

  • Does your teen struggle in social situations?
  • Are they easily influenced by their peers?
  • Do they isolate on a regular basis?

Alongside the benefits of drumming for the adolescent brain, there are many social benefits to drumming for teens. We use drumming as a music therapy program for these specific benefits:

Positive Peer Support

Being surrounded by positive peer influence is what drumming circles are all about. Inspiring mentors give students what they need to transform old, self defeating behavior patterns into healing, connected, virtuous actions. Drumming is one of the many tools that keep our school culture connected. Troubled teens heal one day at a time while being immersed in the healing rhythms of the drumming.

Student Leadership & Community Engagement

By appointing a drum leader to guide the drumming circle each day, students are given the opportunity to practice leadership skills as the drum leader is one who sets an example for the entire student body. It is an honor to watch students give back positively to the community during drumming performances. They learn our rhythms quickly, and the experience of positively contributing back to society often creates new purpose and meaning for our performers.

Residential Music Therapy Program

At our therapeutic boarding school, students drum as a community on a daily basis. We’ve witnessed the benefits listed above in many students who come to Greenbrier Academy. If you’ve never heard the powerful, thunderous rhythm of young women drumming together, consider this your formal invitation!

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