Why Equine Therapy Helps Troubled Teen Girls

When students at Greenbrier Academy fall in love with our horses, it rekindles their sense of purpose and belonging in the world.  If you’re worried about a troubled teen girl who struggles to reflect on her nonverbal communication with others or develop emotional awareness of herself and others around her, you are in the right place.

Learn how equine therapy can help her in every area in life, even if your troubled teen doesn’t know that she needs help. Horses transform our student’s lives everyday. Here are some of the benefits we have witnessed firsthand at our equine residential program.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

When someone has experienced trauma of adversity in their past relationships with others, it can be easier for them to develop a relationship with a horse; who relates to them in the present moment. Experiential activities with horses help troubled teen girls move beyond the limiting belief system that they may have about themselves and their place in the world.  Equine therapy is a powerful tool we use to supports the relationality model that is embraced at our therapeutic boarding high school.

In order to get beyond the negative, self defeating behavior patterns many troubled teen girls struggle with, the love of a horse can give them motivation to change.

Why Equine Therapy Works

Horses make such an impact on teenage girls because of their tremendous sensitivity, despite their size. Large and powerful, developing relationships with an animal that seems to be overbearing is extremely healing for teen girls who have felt intimidated by cultivating healthy relationships. Working with horses can improve a teen girl’s confidence, while group equine therapy exercises help her evaluate the impact of her nonverbal communication.

Equine Residential Treatment Center

Without them realizing it, horses can teach our students to be compassionate, sensitive communicators. Both in caring for and working with horses, students are encouraged to put a lot of effort into their relationships with the horses.

We’re lucky to have a specialized therapist to oversee our equine residential program here at Greenbrier Academy. During equine therapy sessions, girls are able to make therapeutic breakthroughs that would otherwise be impossible in a traditional talk therapy session.

For more on equine therapy or to inquire about Greenbrier Academy for Girls’ 4-month therapeutic boarding high school, give us a call today: 1-877-788-8422