What Causes Low Self Esteem in Adolescence?

It’s completely normal for adolescents to experience a lack of confidence at times. After all, this is a developmental phase that includes self exploration and exposure to new things as they begin to cultivate a new sense of identity. Low self-esteem in adolescence, however, can create lasting damage to their self perception, limiting a teen’s relationships and quality of life. Let’s explore the common causes of low self-esteem in adolescence, how we can build self-esteem in troubled teens, and self-esteem programs when extra support is needed.

Low Self-Esteem in Adolescence

We live in an increasingly complicated world. Nowadays the coming-of-age process includes exposure to unrealistic life and body expectations of the media, bullying (both online and in schools), and negative peer pressure. For some teens, this is increasingly difficult with no positive mentors or caregiver support.

The sources of low self-esteem in adolescence are endless. What we know is that even though adolescence is a time of change and growing independence, teenagers still need support and positive mentorship from adults. Oftentimes we have parents who walk through our doors at our boarding school for girls who are exhausted from managing the pressures of work, raising a family, and trying to help their troubled teen. If you relate to some of these challenges, there are some simple habits you can implement to combat low self-esteem in your troubled teen.

Building Self Esteem in Your Teenage Daughter

Unfortunately research is demonstrating a higher percentage of young women being negatively impacted by social media. Without a solid internal and external support system, your teenage daughter is at risk of having a poor or negative self perception/sense of identity. Here are some parental strategies that can help build your teenage daughter’s self-esteem:

  • Talk to her about the difference between external beauty and her internal worth.
  • Encourage her to have healthy self care practices (healthy eating habits, exercise, positive relationships).
  • Create healthy boundaries around technology usage and about its appropriate use.
  • Pay attention to her friend groups and notice if your teen daughter’s friends are supportive or a negative influence.
  • Let her know you’re always there for her and listen to her when she confides in you.

Self Esteem Programs

As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, we work a lot with young women who have a poor sense of identity and consequently, low self-esteem. Unfortunately this can get young women in a lot of trouble in their lives. Low self-esteem can lead to drug abuse, self harm, eating disorders, and many other self defeating behaviors. Our approach to building self-esteem in our students includes helping them build an internal value system that protects them from harmful influences and informs their decision making positively long after their time on campus. If you’re worried about your teenage daughter and are actively looking for a program to build her self-esteem, we’d love to be a resource for you. Give us a call today 1-877-788-8422

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