Best Activities to Build Self-Esteem in Teenagers


As a parent, you spend your child’s entire upbringing trying to protect them from the harmful aspects of the outside world. As adolescence approaches, it can be confusing and difficult to watch your child become unsure of themselves. Losing confidence can be a completely normal aspect of the developmental process. As their bodies change and they enter new social situations, it can be helpful to boost your teen’s self esteem.

Activities to boost your teen’s self esteem can be simple and easy to implement. As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, we’ve helped hundreds of young women rebuild their self esteem. From our experience as a program helping families, here are some of the best activities for building self-esteem in teenagers.

Create a Stone of Positive Affirmation

Go on a hike or choose an object with sentimental value that can be a reminder for your teen to recite a positive self affirmation.  This might sound like a silly idea at first, but it can be a powerful tool to help your teen retrain their negative self talk in difficult situations. Have them carry the object in their pocket and every time they touch the stone in their pocket, it can be a reminder of that positive affirmation.

If your teen loses confidence at school, in extracurriculars, or when meeting new people, this is a great activity to boost their self esteem on a daily basis.

Have a Gratitude Journal

Sometimes a lack of self esteem can have a negative impact not only on a teen’s self image, but also on the world around them. A lack of self esteem can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, body image issues, and poor academic performance in teens. Gift your teenager a gratitude journal. This can be a place where they spend a few minutes at the end of the day listing what they’re grateful for. You can even set a minimum of 5 things to list per day. At some point, have them read back through the journal to witness their progress and growing optimism.

This activity is a helpful if you have a teen who has a difficult time talking about how they feel, or constantly has a negative outlook on themselves or new opportunities.

Help Your Teen Practice Self Compassion

If your teen struggles with constantly comparing themselves to others, it might be useful to have conversations with them about self compassion.

None of us are perfect all of the time. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Share about your own personal experiences where you’ve practiced being kind to yourself with your teen. Ask them to brainstorm ways that will help them embrace their strengths and their imperfections. Visit this conversation often as your child is going through adolescence.

Self Esteem Programs

Depending on where your teenager is at, they could benefit from a program that will help build their self-esteem. As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, we specialize in helping young women in high school ages 14-18 to find meaning and purpose in their life. Surrounded by supportive peers and mentors, your teen will be exposed to a variety of context that support them to be their best selves and help them understand their innate worth.

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