What Makes a Teenage Intervention Program Effective?


With the plethora of teenage interventions available today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options. Each intervention program will have its own philosophical approach to facilitating change in troubled teens, structure/model, minimum length of stay and tuition cost. How does a family even begin to choose the right therapeutic program for their troubled teen?

Amidst all of these teen intervention program options, one thing is clear: troubled teens need effective therapeutic intervention. For some troubled teens, that may not look like a teen bootcamp model that’s become widely popularized by today’s media.

Let’s talk about what makes an effective intervention program.

Professional Recommendations

Many of the students who come to our program are referred to us through independent educational consultants or mental health professionals. If you have the means, we highly recommend you have your troubled teen evaluated by an independent mental health professional who has industry knowledge to help guide your decision in finding the best teen intervention program for you. After your child is evaluated professionally, the EC or therapist will be able to help you narrow down potential options that suit your budget and your teen’s unique needs.

As you begin the process of contacting and touring various programs, your professional recommendation will inform some of the important questions you may have.

Therapeutic Efficacy

You may decide that a therapeutic boarding school, wilderness therapy program, residential treatment facility, or juvenile bootcamp is best for your child. Once you’ve narrowed down they type of intervention that your troubled teen needs, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions about the overall effectiveness of that specific program:

  • Has there been any peer reviewed research indicating that this program is effective?
  • What are the program’s Accreditations, Affiliations and relevant Licensure?
  • What are other families saying about this type of intervention? Can you get contact information for alumni families?
  • How does this program specifically evaluate teen progress?

While this list is by no means comprehensive, it can give you a great starting point to critically evaluate whether or not this type of intervention is effective.

Strengths-Based and Family Centered

In our decades of experience helping troubled teens and their families, one factor of a program’s effectiveness stands out above the rest: an effective teen intervention program will focus on a teenager’s strengths and involve the entire family system as a form of support for them.

By focusing on a teen’s strengths and involving the entire family in the healing process, it is far more likely that this teen will develop the self esteem and self confidence to overcome future obstacles. Additionally, when an entire family system is involved in the intervention, the entire family received the healing and support that is needed to move forward towards a better future.

We offer intensive family workshops, parent support and 3 months of integrative coaching at the completion of a student’s time in our 4 month intervention program.

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