Understanding Your Introverted Teenage Daughter


Are you often surprised by the differences and similarities between you and your teenager as they begin to individuate in adolescence? As your child matures, it’s important to respect their unique needs and individual differences from you while also holding healthy boundaries. Because of their innate needs for alone time, it can be difficult to feel like you’re included in your introverted teen’s world.

If you’re concerned about staying connected to your introverted teen during adolescence, this article is for you.

Being an Introvert in High School

It can be difficult to be an introvert in high school. In a youth culture that celebrates individuality and extroversion, your introverted teen may struggle to find the right group of friends that respect their quiet ways and offer a positive influence.

As your teen navigates the challenging social environment that is high school, it’s very important that your teen knows you love them and care for them just the way they are. One small thing you can do to remind them of this is saying positive affirmations to them on a regular basis.

For example, saying things like “I’m so impressed by how intelligent and thoughtful you were about ___” or “I appreciate the way that you____”

Even though your introverted teen needs time alone to recharge, do encourage them to find likeminded friends to enjoy activities with. We all have an inherent need for human connection, even introverted teenagers.

Staying Connected to Your Introverted Teen

If you’re an extroverted parent, it’s important to ask yourself the question “is my teen’s introversion inhibiting them from experiencing overall wellbeing, or is it just different from the way I am?

A great way to respect their time alone while also staying connected is to find an activity that you both enjoy. Even if it’s just reading together in the same room, your introverted teen is more likely to open up about things going on in their life when you spend some time together than if you don’t.

How to Know if Your Introverted Teen Needs Help

As we’ve said before, everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging and place. Supportive community as an essential component to teen mental health.

Here are some signs your introverted teen needs help:

  • They spend all their time in their room
  • The only social interaction they have is through video games or social media
  • They spend hours reading as a way to escape reality
  • They refuse to have social interaction with new people

If these tendencies go on long enough, they can be indications of depression, social anxiety, and can oftentimes lead to school refusal.

Help for Introverted Teens

As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, we specialize in working with introverted young women. Because of our welcoming, inclusive school culture, your daughter will have positive social outlets with others who recognize her need for alone time while also highlighting her strengths.

Unfortunately introverted students have a higher likelihood of experiencing bullying in traditional school environments. Greenbrier Academy can be your introverted teen daughter’s safe place through her high school years, or offer a reset to build her confidence and infuse a sense of community and meaning in her life.

If your teen daughter is struggling with depression, anxiety, school refusal or emotional trauma, we’re here for you. Give us a call today at 1-877-788-8422

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