Life After Wilderness Therapy: What’s Next?

You’ve made the decision to send your troubled teen to a wilderness therapy program. While you’re thrilled to see positive changes in your teen during this unique therapeutic intervention, a question continues to linger in your mind. What’s next? How do families successfully transition their troubled teen back home after a wilderness program?

Stages of Wilderness Therapy

The beginning stages of wilderness therapy were an emotional roller coaster. Sending your child away is never easy. Some teens are excited to go, while others are extremely resistant. What you know is this: You want to emotional roller coaster that was life before wilderness therapy to stay a thing of the past.

As you consider your options to transition your teen from wilderness therapy back home, do you need a step before that happens? One of the things about wilderness therapy that makes it effective is the break that these teens get from the stresses and pressures of the outside world. No phones, tv, social media or negative social influences.

Each stage of wilderness therapy has brought your troubled teen closer to themselves, giving them respite from the outside world to process important emotional and psychological barriers. Successfully transitioning home after wilderness therapy will require an aftercare program. Let’s talk about some ways to ensure your aftercare is everything you and your teen need.

Wilderness Therapy, Then School

The best way to ensure a successful transition from wilderness therapy is to talk about it with your child’s therapist during their time in the field. Getting advice from a professional who understands the industry of therapeutic programs for troubled teens, and also has a solid background in your child’s unique needs is a great place to start.

If you know your teenage daughter will need to get caught up in school and would do best practicing healthy habits in a more traditional school environment before coming home, consider our 4 Month Semester Forward Program. As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, we provide engaging academics and the opportunity for students to earn a semester’s worth of academic credit during their 4 month stay.

Additionally, you’ll receive 3 months of integration coaching when it’s time to welcome your daughter back home. Give us a call today at 1-877-788-8422

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