Where To Transition After A Wilderness Program

Your teen has been making exceptional progress during their time at wilderness therapy. They’re making great strides towards emotional stability and mental clarity, thanks to the retreat that’s provided by the outdoors. As you start thinking about life after wilderness therapy, you may be considering programs for the transition after a wilderness program. Don’t worry. You’re in the right place! Let’s talk about some of your options.

Programs for Troubled Teenagers

As you may know, there are a multitude of programs for troubled teenagers available today. Whether you’re considering a residential treatment program or a therapeutic boarding school, having a transition plan ready at the completion of your teen’s wilderness program will make all the difference in creating lasting change and transformation.

It may be useful to have conversations with your teen’s field therapist as their wilderness program comes to completion. These mental health professionals have an accurate psychological assessment of your teen and may have some useful advice about next steps to continue their treatment.

Transition from Wilderness Therapy

One of the things that makes wilderness therapy effective is that being in the wilderness allows troubled teens a respite from the worldly distractions and negative influences. They’re finally able to dedicate most of their time to processing the emotional and psychological barriers that’ve been holding them back in life. Students are able to live in a small, community setting with the constructive challenges that wilderness adventure therapy can provide.

Free from social media, movies, and negative peer influences, there’s no external temptation in a wilderness therapy context to fall into old, self defeating behavior patterns. While the change and transformation many teens experience in wilderness therapy is extremely profound and powerful, holding onto those changes can be challenging upon returning home.

Wilderness Therapy Aftercare

Some wilderness therapy programs offer an aftercare program that may be sufficient for your teen. To ensure an absolutely seamless transition back into an academic setting, however, many parents elect to send their teenager to a therapeutic boarding school as a transitionary step between coming home.

As a therapeutic boarding school for girls, we’re proud to serve many families who’ve completed a wilderness therapy program. In particular, our 4 Month Semester Forward program helps wilderness therapy students get caught up in school while providing the therapeutic support needed to solidify the new, healthy changes they made in wilderness. Oftentimes this ensures a healthy transition to a more traditional school environment before going home; oftentimes the place where it’s most comfortable to adopt old habits and patterns.

We offer the opportunity for students to earn up to a semester’s worth of credit in 4 months. Additionally, three months of Integration Coaching is included in tuition at the end of their time on campus.

Would your teen daughter benefit from our Semester Forward Program? Give us a call today at 1-877-788-8422

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