Get the Facts On All Girls Schools

By Greenbrier Academy / July 17, 2019

  Is your teen daughter struggling? Hanging out with the wrong crowd? Most likely she needs guidance to help her sense of identity and self worth. Today, we want to shed light on the research on all girls schools, and given what you and your family are going through, it would be selfish of us…

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5 Benefits of Single Sex Boarding Schools

By Greenbrier Academy / July 8, 2019

There’s been a lot of conversation about the pros and cons of single sex education. As an all girls boarding school, we think it’s important to weigh in on the conversation for parents who are considering the best option for their child. First and foremost, let’s acknowledge that every teen’s needs are different. That being…

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3 Ways to Keep Your Teen Safe on July 4th

By Greenbrier Academy / July 4, 2019

  The fourth of July is a time for gathering with friends and loved ones in celebration. Unfortunately, this holiday is known to contribute to an increase in drunk driving and fire dangers. If you have a teenager who loves to celebrate July 4th with friends, here are three ways to keep them safe from…

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Self Esteem Strategies for High School Students

By Greenbrier Academy / July 1, 2019

  Do you feel as a parent that the odds are stacked against you as you try to instill confidence in your child for their academic careers? In their teen years, it can be difficult to watch your child become unsure of themselves as social and academic pressures increase. Strategies to boost your teen’s self…

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