3 Ways to Keep Your Teen Safe on July 4th


The fourth of July is a time for gathering with friends and loved ones in celebration. Unfortunately, this holiday is known to contribute to an increase in drunk driving and fire dangers. If you have a teenager who loves to celebrate July 4th with friends, here are three ways to keep them safe from drunk driving and fire dangers during this holiday.

Make a Plan

Keeping teens safe on July 4th can be simple and stress free if you have a plan in place before the weekend begins. Does your family have a tradition that you follow every year that your teen is included in? Will they be going off with friends? How long? Where? Who’s driving?

Getting these logistics out of the way a week in advance with set expectations for your teen and avoid any surprises regarding who they will be with and where.

Set Boundaries & Natural Consequences

As a follow up to making a plan with your teen about their 4th of July plans, have conversations with your teen in advance about drunk drivers on the road and the fire risks associated with fireworks.

Are there certain regulations in place regarding fireworks in your area? Communicate this with your teen and the associated consequences should that regulation be disrespected.

By letting your teen know the real world consequences of reckless behavior around July 4th celebrations, as well as the boundaries you’ve put in place in your house regarding those activities. Your teen will be set up to have realistic expectations for their behavior and informed consequences, should they decide to disregard that information.


If your teen is going out with friends on July 4th, part of the plan you may put together with your teen in our first tip might be designated check-in times. Perhaps you set the expectation that if there will be a location change, they are to check in with you beforehand to clarify who’s driving and what will be happening next.

Whatever you decide works for your family and parent-teen relationship, make sure your teen will be checking in with you throughout the evening to ensure everyone has an accident free, enjoyable 4th of July.

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