5 Benefits of Single Sex Boarding Schools

There’s been a lot of conversation about the pros and cons of single sex education. As an all girls boarding school, we think it’s important to weigh in on the conversation for parents who are considering the best option for their child.

First and foremost, let’s acknowledge that every teen’s needs are different. That being said, there are five core benefits of sending your daughter to an all girls boarding school that every parent should know. Here are five advantages of single sex education:


5 Benefits of An All Girls Boarding High School

Identity Development & Awareness

As we all know, adolescents is a very formative time in life. The environments we immerse ourselves in during this time have lifelong impact. You want your child to be engaged with peers that are supportive of their strengths and accepting of their weaknesses. What we find in single sex schools is students have an easier time exploring new interests and letting go of traditional stereotypes around which subjects they should immerse themselves in. A study from UCLA, for example, revealed that young women in single sex education have an academic advantage compared to teen girls attending coed schools.

Less Peer Pressures

During adolescence, every teen is going to mature at different rates. The advantage of your daughter attending a single sex boarding school is that she will be able to develop at her own pace with less social pressure from her peers. By taking away the added social pressures associated with coed classroom environments, your daughter has a higher likelihood of developing supportive friendships and not feeling pressured to act out self defeating behaviors.


All girls schools are able to offer an environment that caters specifically to the life experiences of teen girls. This means more representation of female role models to look up to and an emphasis on nurturing each young woman’s unique nature. What’s most powerful about being a boarding school for girls is we get to foster a sense of school-wide sisterhood among our students. Girls are encouraged to compassionately hold one another accountable while lifting one another up on a daily basis.


In 2001, a British study concluded that nearly every girl regardless of her ability or socioeconomic status performed better in single sex classrooms than co-ed ones.

Single sex boarding schools have the added benefit of tailoring their curriculum to fit the learning styles and differences of young women and young men. Without the added pressure and competition associated with coed school environments, more time can be spent cultivating your child’s unique gifts and innate confidence. In many ways, this approach has been shown to successfully set students up for the real world on an academic and personal level.

Diversification of Career Options

According to CRC health, “A quarter of the female members of Congress and one-third of all female members of Fortune 100 boards graduated from all-women’s colleges. Adult graduates of all-girls high schools and colleges report extreme satisfaction with their education.”

While many arguments against single sex education is that they reinforce gender stereotypes, research suggests that the opposite is true. Research has shown that young women do better in the math and sciences in single sex educational settings. Single sex classrooms encourage students to focus on their individual interests, with greater support for them to reach for the stars and explore a wide range of career options.

Single Sex Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

At the end of the day, as a parent you must do what you think will be best for your teen. We hope this article has shed some insight into the benefits of single sex boarding schools and classrooms.

If your teen daughter is struggling in school, we highly recommend considering single sex education for your teen daughter. To learn more about our therapeutic boarding school for girls, give us a call at 1-877-788-8422.

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