Do Girls with Depression Need Boarding School?


In today’s society, it’s difficult for teen girls to feel good about themselves. With the boom in popularity of social media apps, teen girls learn to idolize unrealistic body expectations, to compete with one another in all aspects of beauty and it leaves them feeling empty and lonely. Unfortunately, teen depression is on the rise in our country and teen girls are being disproportionately affected. What do we do?

If you’re worried about a teen girl who’s dealing with depression, this article is for you.

Teen Girls with Depression

Do you remember being a teenager?

It’s already a difficult and awkward time as everyone develops and changes at different rates in adolescence. Not to mention the fact that adolescence is the beginning stages of identity development and individuation. Now imagine going through that process again with the added social pressures of the media and social apps.

For teen girls, this can become increasingly challenging. No one is teaching teen girls how to process or manage the pressures and messages they receive through social media.

The result?

A study published in Journal of Abnormal Psychology found the rate of individuals reporting symptoms consistent with major depression over the past year increased 52 percent in teens and 63 percent in young adults over a decade.

Girls were more vulnerable than boys. Many are lonely, lost and need help.

Boarding Schools for Depression

Many parents are unaware that there are programs that offer the help their depressed teenage daughter needs. Our boarding school for teen girls can be a place for your depressed teen daughter to regain her self worth, self esteem and experience the healing power of sisterhood. We offer animal programs, equine therapy, drum therapy and art therapy alongside individual, group and family therapy sessions with an individually assigned therapist on staff.

You are not alone and neither is your daughter. Healing is possible and available.

If your teen daughter is struggling with depression, we’re here for you.

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