The #1 Treatment for Depression in Teen Girls


Depression in teen girls is on the rise in the United States. Could it be the booming popularity and consumption of social media? Are teen girls lacking positive, real world connection as the internet becomes their main social outlet? Many research outcomes say the media is certainly playing its part, but in many ways those articles don’t answer one important question: What do we do?

As a therapeutic boarding school for girls that helps teen girls with depression symptoms reclaim hope and joy in their lives, we want to share what we’ve seen is the #1 treatment for depression symptoms in teen girls.

Depression in Teen Girls

Teen girls all over the country are struggling. They’ve been learning to hate their bodies, themselves  and consequently have begun to hate one another.

Studies show that nearly a quarter of teen girls in the US show symptoms of depression.

Here’s the truth: there’s no “one-size-fits-all” formula for teen girls with depression. We do know, however, that environment, culture and community have a significant impact on teen mental healthy, particularly for teenage girls.

Teen girls need connection. Belonging. Support and encouragement to try new things. They can do without the catty, competitive relationships that are all too common in traditional school environments.

Teen girls who struggle with depression need to learn their innate worth and value. Teen girls with depression need friends who will lift them up when they feel they’re drowning.

Boarding Schools for Teen Girls with Depression

Now, imagine a place where teen girls with depression can finally feel at home inside themselves. A place that helps them realize that they are enough. That they’re worthy of joy, love and all of the things they’ve been depriving themselves of. Where mental health support is not only available, but an integral part of their day-to-day lives.

In our experience as a therapeutic boarding school for depression, that is the #1 thing that teen girls who’re struggling with depression symptoms need.

If you’re concerned about a teen girl who’s struggling with depression, we’re here for you.

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