Depression in Teen Girls: Is Social Media to Blame?


Depression in teen girls is on the rise in the United States and social media may be playing a role. Until today, teen girls have never had the level of pressure they experience due to the constant exposure created by these apps. How do we protect teenage girls’ self esteem and quality of real life connections in this new social context?

As a therapeutic boarding school for girls that addresses social media addiction, let’s talk about depression and appropriate social media use in teen girls.

How Social Media Affects Self Esteem

Experts have found a correlation between social media addiction and depression/anxiety symptoms in teenagers. 

Now, whether the increase in social media usage is due to mental health decline, or is causing the decline, one thing is clear:

Very few teens are having constructive conversations about the messages they read online about body image, life expectations and a person’s innate value.

We need to be having these conversations with our teens as prevention and treatment of social media addiction and the related mental health concerns that go along with that.

  • How can you maintain a healthy identity online and offline?
  • Where are your most important relationships being nurtured in real life?
  • What is your innate value and how can you take control of what you consume online?

These are all important discussions to have with teens as they navigate social media use and identity development.

Boarding Schools for Teen Girls with Social Media Addiction

At our therapeutic boarding school for girls, we incorporate group conversations about social media use and identity development. Girls are able to hear from one another about the impacts of social media on their mental health and support one another to use these apps responsibly.

Our goal is to teach our students the value of real world connection first, then begin to incorporate how social media can fit into their lives in a way that lifts them up instead of tears them down.

If you’re concerned about a teen girl who’s struggling with depression and/or social media addiction:

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