Underlying Causes of Promiscuity in Teen Girls

By Greenbrier Academy / September 27, 2019

  Are you worried about a teenage girl who’s demonstrating promiscuous behavior? It’s completely normal to worry for her safety and yet not know how to address the situation. Promiscuity is a sensitive subject that many parents may either overreact and lose the trust of their child or ignore the behavior altogether as a way…

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How to Treat Social Media Addiction in Teen Girls

By Greenbrier Academy / September 17, 2019

  The average teenager will check their phone up to 100 times in a day. We know that it’s now a cultural norm to be constantly active on our phones. Teenagers are no exception. When, however, does screen and social media addiction become a real phenomenon? In this article, let’s talk about the impact of…

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3 Ways Social Media Affects Self Esteem in Teen Girls

By Greenbrier Academy / September 10, 2019

  There have been many studies linking excessive social media use to a decline in teen self esteem, demonstrating teen girls as particularly vulnerable. One study correlates depression symptoms with excessive social media use in teen girls. If we are to understand why social media affects self esteem in teenagers, there are three important impacts that…

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Is your teenager addicted to social media?

By Greenbrier Academy / September 3, 2019

  Is your teen really addicted to social media?  Everyone is on their phones these days and while some say there’s no problem with technological development, research is demonstrating there may be problems with social media misuse for teenage development. Let’s talk about some signs of teen dependency on social media, some social media abuse…

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