How to Treat Social Media Addiction in Teen Girls


The average teenager will check their phone up to 100 times in a day. We know that it’s now a cultural norm to be constantly active on our phones. Teenagers are no exception. When, however, does screen and social media addiction become a real phenomenon? In this article, let’s talk about the impact of social media on teen girls’ mental health, signs of social media addiction and social media addiction treatment for teen girls.

Social Media & Teenage Girls’ Mental Health

There’s no debating it. Numerous studies are revealing the negative implications social media usage has on teenagers and teen girls show particular vulnerability to the negative effects. Whether it’s what teens are being exposed to on these apps or what the apps are replacing in the lives of teen girls, we now know that excessive social media usage (over 5 hours per day) has been linked to depressive symptoms, anxiety, loneliness and low self esteem in teen girls. So, how do you know if your teen has a social media addiction?

Signs of Teen Social Media Addiction

Here are some signs that your teen may have a social media addiction:

  • Extreme emotional reaction when boundaries are put in place about social media usage
  • High levels of anxiety when unable to connect online
  • High and low moods are dependent on whether or not they receive attention online
  • Social media apps become their main source of social connection

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, if your teen exhibits a number of these behaviors, they may be struggling with a social media addiction.

Teen Social Media Addiction Treatment

In certain cases, a teen may need greater intervention for social media addiction than can be provided at home. For example, if a teen girl resumes social media usage in excess or in inappropriate ways the moment she is given her phone back after a “time out”, more sophisticated interventions are needed.

At Greenbrier we have constructive group conversations about social media usage and how it impacts identity development and self image. How do we use these platforms to reflect our true selves? In what ways can we make sure these apps don’t take over our lives?

Alongside a plan the involves slowly incorporating social media back into their lives, teen girls are encouraged to explore the purpose of social media to impact them in healthier ways mentally and emotionally.

If you have a teen struggling with social media addiction, we’re a therapeutic boarding school for girls that offers comprehensive support for teen girls struggling with social media addiction.

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