Underlying Causes of Promiscuity in Teen Girls


Are you worried about a teenage girl who’s demonstrating promiscuous behavior? It’s completely normal to worry for her safety and yet not know how to address the situation. Promiscuity is a sensitive subject that many parents may either overreact and lose the trust of their child or ignore the behavior altogether as a way to avoid conflict. Both of these scenarios increase the likelihood for bad outcomes for the teen. Let’s look at some potential underlying causes of promiscuity in teen girls to help you address this situation more effectively.

Root Cause of Promiscuity in Teen Girls

It’s important to recognize that promiscuity in teen girls is often the resulting behavior of a deeper, underlying issue. Before you approach her about her behavior, adopt a mindset of curiosity about what factors in her life could be leading her to make these choices. What’s going on at home? At school? Has she recently been through an emotionally intense experience?

Remember, promiscuity is oftentimes a form of risk-taking behavior. In some cases, it has to do with rebellion and other times it’s an outlet for negative feelings or self defeating beliefs.

Let’s talk about how to help a promiscuous teen girl.

How to Help Promiscuous Teen Girl

There are some steps you can take to help a promiscuous teen girl that won’t result in a fight or losing their trust. Here are some actions to consider:

  • Approach a conversation about your teen’s relationships with an attitude of curiosity and compassion. Try not to argue, blame or shame anything she shares with you and genuinely listen.
  • Check in with her about her mental health. Recent studies show links between sexual promiscuity and depression. 
  • Don’t shy away from discussing the difficult topics. Promiscuous behavior can have dangerous physical consequences. As a parent, make sure your teen understands the physical risks associated with promiscuous behavior.
  • Lastly, it may be time to evaluate if she needs more positive social outlets and engagement in her life. What is her friend group like? Who are the mentors in her life?

Don’t beat yourself up. Every parent will go through challenges with their child. If your priority remains your child’s safety and the health of your relationship with them, you can get through these conversations and take the steps necessary to help them.

Confronting a Promiscuous Teen Daughter

There are certain circumstances with promiscuous behavior that may require a more extreme solution and response. In cases of codependence or if your teen is meeting strangers online without your knowledge, a complete change in environment may be required to preserve her future and her safety.

If you have a teen taking promiscuity to a dangerous level, we’re a therapeutic boarding school for girls that offers comprehensive support for promiscuity in teen girls. We will help her build her self worth, reflect on her past behavior and create a foundation of support that will prepare her to step into the world in confidence, with her head on her shoulders.

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