Your family is unique. Choose a program to match.

A full one year therapeutic boarding school enrollment may not match your calendar, budget, or your daughter’s therapeutic path. If so, the 4 Month Semester Forward Program may be a great choice for your family.

Reclaim your daughter’s future in 4 months. This unique choice cannot be found elsewhere.

What is the semester forward program?

Our 4-Month Semester Forward Program is a concentrated and intense program with powerful therapeutic and academic benefits for a girl who has the desire to change but doesn’t have the tools to do so.

Unique to this program is the built-in schedule of participating in our Young Women’s Healing Village Retreat.

Our Village Retreat is where much of the deeper level therapeutic work is facilitated and then brought back to the weekly work done with their therapist.

This program also grants your daughter the opportunity to earn a semester’s worth of academic credit during her 4-month stay.

When your daughter returns home after her stay, she will be supported with integrating what she learned by our own certified life coaches who are trained on GBA specific interventions and are connected to the culture of GBA.  We believe in supporting your family after leaving to help concretize the changes created at Greenbrier Academy.

Who is a good candidate for the semester forward program?

Parents interested in our 4 Month Semester Forward Program will be screened on a case-by-case basis; however, below is a list of characteristics that would benefit the most from the semester forward program.

Girls who:

  • are coming from a wilderness therapy program.
  • are coming from a longer term program.
  • are experiencing body image issues.
  • have anxiety from bullying.
  • have symptoms related to trauma.
  • need to overcome fear and anxiety about their academics.
  • are in contentious conflict with parents and exhibit defiant behavior.
  • have general anxiety or depression.

How do I find out if it's the right option for my daughter?

Our therapeutic team will work closely with you and your daughter to determine if the best therapeutic track for your daughter and family.

Our minimum length of stay is 4 months, though after working with your daughter for a few months, we can determine if she needs an extension.

What is the cost of the semester forward program?

The 4 Month Semester Forward Program with 3 months of Integration Coaching support is $42,000

What is included in the semester forward program?

The 4-month semester forward program includes:

Participation at our Young Women’s Healing Village Retreat

Therapeutic Drumming

Animal Therapy Programs

Family Intensive Workshops and Parent Support Calls

Adventure & Service Outings

Individualized Tutoring

Opportunity to earn a full semester of academic credit in 4 months

Three months of Integration Coaching

School of Horsemanship (Optional & An Additional Fee)


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