EST. 2007

What is Greenbrier Academy's  mission?

Greenbrier Academy for Girls exists to help troubled teen girls and their families heal.

Our purpose is to give your daughter the tools and guidance to transform her negative beliefs, implement healthy relational patterns and practice them in various contexts before moving on to lead a virtuous life.

We do this by providing a perfect balance of academic rigor and outstanding therapeutics in an environment of support and accountability.

Our goal is to set your daughter on a path to self-fulfillment so that she is prepared with the necessary tools to navigate the world as an adult.


Student at Greenbrier Academy

We understand that the decision to enroll your daughter in a therapeutic boarding school for girls can be gut-wrenching.

Why can’t my daughter make these changes at home?

I’m not sure our situation is bad enough to send her away.

No professional can know her as well as I do.

Will she hate me for sending her away?

Over the years, we’ve heard phrases like this from almost every family that comes to Greenbrier. Know that you are not alone if you’re thinking anything like this.

Also know that Greenbrier is a safe, transformative refuge for your daughter staffed with professionals that are singularly focused on her well-being. From our Head Chef to our Executive Director, our only concern is to bring your daughter to a better place emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s all we do every day.

Main Building - Greenbrier Academy for Girls

Greenbrier will change your daughter. She will leave here a stronger, more balanced and focused young woman with a bright future ahead of her.

Nowhere else will you find a better balance between academics and therapeutics, or a more immersive, life-altering program.

We are designed to help, and we would love the chance to do so for you.

Please reach out to our Admissions team with any questions.