Admissions Criteria

What is a typical Greenbrier Academy student like?

While our students come from a variety of backgrounds with unique academic and therapeutic challenges, the following is a list of what may be considered typical at our school:

Admissions Criteria at Greenbrier Academy
  • ∙ She is a young woman between the ages of 14–18
  • ∙ She may have successfully graduated from an outdoor, character building, wilderness, or other residential program and needs continuing care and support
  • ∙ She possesses an average to above-average IQ
  • ∙ She may currently be behind academically in secondary educational requirements
  • ∙ She possesses the potential to develop her conscience and social awareness
  • ∙ She may need a drug-free environment with a substance abuse prevention component
  • ∙ She may be interested in preparing for tertiary education and requires elicitation and development of her learning style
  • ∙ She may have family and peer conflicts
  • ∙ She may feel a lack of meaning or purpose in her life

Are there any girls you cannot accept into Greenbrier?

We work diligently to provide a safe, engaging, virtuous student culture at Greenbrier. For these reasons, we are unable to accept students that meet the following criteria:

∙ 8th grade students or below

∙ Students younger than 14 or older than 18

∙ Exhibit physically violent behavior towards others

∙ Are a danger to themselves or others, including high suicide risk

∙ Pregnant young women

∙ Have been diagnosed with and still exhibit symptoms of a psychotic disorder

∙ Score high on the Autism Spectrum

Greenbrier Academy for Girls is an equal opportunity service provider and does not discriminate in the services provided to its clients. Qualified students are admitted without regard to race, color, creed, ethnic background, native origin or any specific handicaps.