Admissions Process

Admissions Process - Greenbrier Academy for Girls

How does the admission process work?

We understand the decision to enroll your daughter in a therapeutic boarding school can be monumental and sometimes painful. Know that we want to help you make the right choice for her and will work with you throughout the admissions process.

Attending Greenbrier Academy will be life-changing for your daughter as well as your family. Congratulations on taking these first steps toward her healthy future.

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Contact Us

Once you have reviewed the website and our information, and perhaps reviewed our school with your educational consultant, the first step towards admissions is a phone call or an email. Our admissions team will be able to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and walk you through your options.

We can be reached toll free at 877-788-8422 or by email at

Be sure to visit our Block Semesters page to learn how our semesters break down.

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Fill out Application & Gather Necessary Records

The formal admissions process begins once you fill out the convenient online Student Application. Please know, the admissions team is here to help you in every way possible. If you have questions or need help with the application, we are happy to assist you. In addition to the online application, you will also need to gather various records for our admissions counselor to review with you and the treatment teams.

These records include:

∙ All previous testing/medical records

∙ All previous diagnostic testing

∙ All previous academic records

∙ All previous treatment notes

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Schedule a Visit

While a visit is not necessary for enrollment, we highly recommend touring our campus and meeting with school staff and our student body. We welcome professionals, parents and potential students to experience, first-hand, all we have to offer at our school.

While here, we encourage visitors to sit down one-on-one with our students and ask them for a candid assessment of the Greenbrier program. This private discussion with an actual student about our community will provide you a true picture of what your daughter may discover here.

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When a favorable placement decision has been made, the admissions team will schedule an enrollment date and sign an Enrollment Agreement with the family. We primarily enroll students Monday through Thursday, but other arrangements can be made if necessary. Our Dress Code provides a list of appropriate items/clothing, as well as prohibited items.