Single Semester Program

Although Greenbrier Academy is a year-long therapeutic program, certain students may be eligible for our single block semester option. This one semester option is intended for students who are therapeutically stable and may be transitioning from another program. They need an accredited, academic semester, and they need therapeutic support to make that a reality. They are not quite ready for a conventional school environment, but they do not need a long-term therapeutic program. Greenbrier Academy provides them the academics and therapeutic support they need.

Single block enrollments are decided on a case-by-case basis and have limited availability.

With this option, you may have the ability to extend for a second block as needed. Again, this extensions is decided on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed.

If you are working with a private Educational Consultant, their recommendation for length of stay carries considerable weight as well as acceptance for enrollment at Greenbrier Academy.

Single Semester Option at Greenbrier Academy


The single block semester may also rescue students who are suffering from the constraints of virtual learning due to Covid-19. Given the lack of human interaction and general anxiety currently present in a teen girl’s daily life, our in-person classes and therapeutic community can provide the necessary stability and resources to have a successful academic semester.


Our single semester builds on a student's existing strengths and supports new, healthy coping strategies while she completes a semester of credits. We anticipate that even though a student may be considered therapeutically stable, old patterns will manifest periodically and stifle academic progress.

While one semester is not long enough to complete the full framework of deep level identity and belief work we do here, the student is exposed to the full complement of therapeutic interventions at Greenbrier while being welcomed into our supportive culture of sisterhood.

By continuing her emotional healing while reestablishing herself academically at Greenbrier, a student returns home with the tools for success in life.

If you feel your daughter may be a fit for our single semester program, please CONTACT our admissions team for more information.