Our Block Semester Structure

Block Semester Structure - Greenbrier Academy for Girls

Greenbrier Academy’s year-long program is broken down in to three, distinct, four-month block semesters. While each block focuses on its own therapeutic objectives that build upon the progress made in the previous block, our block semester program allows you to enroll for one or two blocks rather than committing for an entire year.

Although the full year of our program is most effective and recommended for most students, our first block semester will provide your daughter a solid foundation and strategies for real change. Each block utilizes the full framework of Greenbrier’s therapeutic interventions; however, the emphasis, purpose, timing and frequency of those interventions vary with each block’s focus.

Each four-month block provides one semester’s worth of academic credit in 4-5 core classes along with electives.

Our semester blocks are broken down as follows:


Create Healthy Momentum

Behind every unhealthy behavior is a positive intention. The purpose of Block 1 is to address dysfunctional patterns, identify their root causes and elicit the underlying positive intentions. Your daughter will work through deconstructing her false identity-beliefs and learn strategies for replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones that support the underlying positive intentions.


Establish New Identity and Form Connections

Your daughter’s unhealthy behavior is the result of the false beliefs and identities she is holding on to. The purpose of Block 2 is to further dissect the underlying assumptions of the false beliefs and identities uncovered in Block 1 and elicit change. Where Block 1 instills tools for replacing unhealthy behavior, Block 2 teaches strategies for integrating her new, healthier beliefs and identity.


Integration, Transition & Life Skills Preparation

The purpose of Block 3 is to allow your daughter the opportunity to apply her new beliefs, identities and strategies in various contexts within the confines of our supportive community. In doing so, she will refine and instill her newly developed healthy identity and beliefs while ensuring the strategies she’s learned are transferable to multiple roles and contexts.