Greenbrier Academy’s Cat and Dog Programs are a favorite among students.


  • Reduced anxiety, depression, grief and isolation.
  • Reduced blood pressure, and risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Improved willingness to be involved in a therapeutic program or group activity.
  • Increased trust, empathy and teamwork.

Operation Underdog

“When I needed a hand, I found your paw”

We work closely with a local animal rescue team called “Operation Underdog.” Operation Underdog works with local animal shelters and rescue groups to help prevent euthanasia, establish foster homes, and organize vetting.  Working with Operation Underdog, GBA’s dog program, now called “Underdog Academy,” fosters up to 4 dogs at a time.

Greenbrier Academy for Girls are Helping Dogs in Need


“Ever since I became the head of cat program, I have completely fallen in love with cats. The cat program gave me the confidence to start an internship at a vet clinic back at home, and I am now considering veterinary medicine as my major for when I go to college. Whenever I’m having a hard time, the cats make me feel needed and they give me the compassion and understanding that I need. The cat program has given me a lot of new valuable skills like time management, teaching, and managing a group of people.” – Alexis Rooney/ GBA Student

GBA also has a thriving cat program that’s student lead and staff supervised. This gives the girls an opportunity to work on being responsible for animals in need, working in a team, and coordinating the care of each kitty. Spending time with the cats benefits the students’ therapeutic progress, emotional regulation, self esteem, and an opportunity to practice our aspirations like humility, compassion, respect, and trust. The girls give the cats a loving and safe environment while they are waiting for someone to take them to their forever home.

We’ve watched many introverted, emotionally chaotic students transform under this unique stewardship. Our animal program students blossom under the responsibility and consequent returned love of each and every animal that we rescue. You have to see it for yourself.