Coronavirus Safety Measures

Safety Measures and Current Admissions Procedures

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. We know how difficult this situation is and knowing that inspires our Greenbrier Community to maintain a high continuity of care for your daughters, both emotionally and physically.

As always, and perhaps more so given these stressful times, Greenbrier serves as a safe refuge for your daughters to receive necessary care and education. For families, we offer peace of mind in knowing your daughters are safe and cared for within our isolated campus.

Although West Virginia has seen a recent uptick in cases like so many other states, we are fortunate to be located in a less populated, extremely remote area. That said, we are not naive to the ease of contracting this virus and have been following the guidelines proposed by our local health department and the CDC from the beginning.


  • We have educated staff and students about reporting symptoms, covering sneezes and coughs, disinfecting surface areas, washing hands with soap and water frequently and avoiding face touching
  • Our in-house nurse assesses unvaccinated girls and staff daily for symptoms per CDC and USDH protocols
  • We are utilizing virtual tours for families looking for placement
  • Fully vaccinated parents are allowed to enter campus for graduations, pick-up for clinically approved area or home visits and on-campus workshops as scheduled.
  • All new enrollments are quarantined for 3 days in a designated area away from the main campus. After 3 days, they are given a rapid test. If the test is negative, they may join the main population. During quarantine, students have a routine that includes academic work and connection to a teacher, group therapy every day, an individual session with her therapist and creative time. We are dedicated to making sure she is supported in all areas of our program.
  • All unvaccinated staff is required to wear masks when 6-foot social distancing is not possible and wash/sanitize hands regularly throughout the day
  • Fully vaccinated staff is not required to wear a mask as per CDC guidelines
  • Off campus activities are closely monitored so social distancing can occur
  • Eligible girls may participate in home or area visits on a case-by-case basis. Upon return to Greenbrier, unvaccinated students must quarantine for 3 days before being tested.
  • We continue to monitor the directives and guidelines given by the CDC and WHO, as well as the West Virginia DHHR, local hospitals and emergency service units