“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston Churchill

Equine therapy participants have an opportunity to see how they affect relationships in a unique way. The focus is on helping students develop, observe, and evaluate themselves by interacting with horses.

Through working with the horses, the girls are able to enhance important life skills, such as positive communication, trust, honest achievement, value congruent behavior, and anger management.

When students encounter a problem with a horse they are asked to approach the problem from the perspective of relationship, instead of just a horse problem.

Students ask questions such as “What is the horse telling me? What part do I play in this problem? What can I do differently?”
This approach helps our girls develop the invaluable proactive, self-evaluation skills with the benefit of almost instant feedback from the horses.


There are six levels of equine therapy that the girls will go through. This is based off of the HEAL Equine therapy model.

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Level one-Body-centered awareness, feeling-mindful. Connecting the Head, Heart, and Gut feelings.

Girls have the chance to meet all the horses of GBA. These girls also have the option to sit on the horse bareback and be led around by instructors. They talk about their head space, heart space, and gut space and how those things changed while connecting with the horse.

Level two- Boundaries, enable connection and autonomy, physical, emotional, and spiritual boundary work.

Girls will get to set a boundary with one of the horses and consider the feelings that come up for them while being in the activity.

Level three- Divided self. Working on inner connection and healthy connections with others. Work towards authenticity.

Girls get to connect and join up with a horse that is disconnected.

Level four- Yin and Yang.

Girls work towards finding a healthy balance in different areas of life. Leadership and following, work and play, tolerance for disagreement, initiating and allowing. Girls will be able to play with one of the horses in the arena. They will push the horse through a goal (obstacle), and then they will lead a horse through a goal (obstacle).

Level five- New pathways, working with personal archetypes, working towards positive imagination and possibilities.

The girls get to play with the horses while taking on a new positive role/mindset for themselves.

Level Six- The social brain. Find feelings of belonging and reassurance. Feeling important and valued. (grooming the horses, finding the importance in caring for self and others.)