How We Extend the Therapeutic Process to Your Family

How can Greenbrier help your whole  family heal?

Mother and daughter hugging in Greenbrier's Family Healing Program

The best student outcomes involve the entire family system.

Your daughter will change as the result of her work at Greenbrier, and we offer you a chance to grow along with her.

Often times, your daughter’s patterns of negative behavior unconsciously express her desire for a shift in family dynamics. While this is explored during your parent calls with her therapist and Treatment Team, our Family Healing Program offers powerful, experiential opportunities to:

  • ∙ Explore multi-generational patterns
  • ∙ Improve your family’s ability to communicate
  • ∙ Enhance connection within the members of the family system
  • ∙ Solidify strategies that will allow your family to continue to heal long after graduation

What impressed me about GBA was their insistence and skill in working with the entire family system. My daughter is one of four children, and all of her siblings were involved in the on-campus family intensives. Years of hurt and misunderstanding were brought to the surface, and as a result, profound healing occurred. My daughter stopped identifying herself as the ‘black sheep’ and returned to a family that loved and accepted her.



Family participating in Family Healing Program at Greenbrier

How are Parents Involved in the Healing Process at Greenbrier?

Your daughter’s symptoms don’t exist in a vacuum. While negative patterns of behavior are the result of her false belief system, those false beliefs exist within her surroundings. Often times, her negative behavior is a way of expressing her need for a shift in family dynamics or the home environment.

Greenbrier has developed our Family Healing Program to compliment and seamlessly flow with each phase of your daughter’s journey here. At Greenbrier, your daughter explores her core motivations for acting out or becoming withdrawn and replaces those beliefs with a healthy, new version of herself.

Our program allows you a deeper understanding of her process, and provides the tools to help continue healing as a family long after her time at Greenbrier.

What can I expect from the Family Healing Program?

We have broken down our Family Healing Program in to two experiential workshops and an ongoing, virtual discussion group/workshop that occurs twice a month for the duration of your daughter’s enrollment.


Virtual Webinar Workshop

Within six to eight weeks from your daughter’s admission, we will host a virtual workshop held over the course of two days. All families whose admission falls within the six-week time period will be invited as your family is ready.

The purpose of this workshop is to orient you with what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We will discuss how to improve communication and problem solving as well as the nature of loving relationships and how to build them.

While explanations and information will be shared by Greenbrier staff, the workshop is a spirited discussion with experiential interactions.


Virtual Family Workshops

Twice a month following the initial Webinar Workshop, we will hold 90-minute virtual workshops to help support your entire family.

These workshops are interactive, and assignments will be given and reviewed from one workshop to the other. Provocative subjects will be explored including a strategy called “Fearless Living” as well as fundamental personality types and their characteristics.


On-Campus Family Healing

Approximately six or seven months after enrollment, your family will be invited to the Greenbrier campus for workshop training mixed with fun and adventure.

Through expressive therapies, storytelling and assignments, you will grow to understand how Greenbrier’s therapeutic model creates space for your daughter’s emotional healing. You will also explore your own past in an effort to identify and change generational legacies.

This three-day experiential workshop includes brief experiences at our Healing Village where students experience perhaps their greatest change. Various outdoor venues and seasonal activities enhance the renewal of daughter/parent relationships.

“The first workshop was so emotional. I came to see my daughter through new eyes. I was also able to understand how my own childhood had affected the way I parented my daughter.”

-GREENBRIER Alumni Parent