How Our Very Culture & Community Serves as a Therapeutic Tool Itself

Why is the Greenbrier community so important?

Greenbrier Academy-Community

The Greenbrier community and culture are the heart of our therapeutic model. At Greenbrier, your daughter will be immersed in a healthy environment of accountability and encouragement that is designed to evoke lasting emotional, psychological and physical change.

Upon arrival, your daughter will become part of a Family Unit of sisters under the guidance of a Treatment Team. Her Family Unit provides accountability, guidance and assessment on her journey through our Aspirations Program, which drives our loving, virtue-based culture.

This foundation of connected sisterhood speaks directly to your daughter’s innate need to connect to and nurture others in times of stress. As shown in this breakthrough study by Drs. Laura Klein and Shelley Taylor, your daughter’s response to stress is not “fight-or-flight,” but “tend-and-befriend.” Simply put, she seeks a nurturing environment and the social connections that support that environment.

The Greenbrier community provides a culture of witnessing each other during the struggles, triumphs and everything in between.

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