How We Create & Maintain a Culture of Empathy and Virtue

How does our aspirations program define the Greenbrier culture?

Greenbrier students in the aspirations program

The entire culture of our supportive, connected community is built on our Aspirations Program.

At Greenbrier, your daughter will be part of a community of sisters and adults solely concerned with becoming and helping others to become more virtuous. She will be immersed in a culture where the Aspirations are ever-present in every aspect of her academic, therapeutic and social life at Greenbrier.

This culture of safe and nurturing group dynamics speaks directly to your daughter’s biological need for connectedness at this point in her life.

Girls take care of each other as a result of experiencing the emotionally rich relationships that result from practicing the Aspirations.

As we say here, “We’ll love you until you learn to love yourself.”














Why an Aspirations Program?

Culture is defined as the set of shared values, attitudes, goals and practices within a community. Since its inception, Greenbrier has set out to establish and maintain a culture based on universal virtues as the foundation for our students’ healing process. Not only does this culture provide a healthy environment in which to change, it also serves as a therapeutic tool all by itself.

By creating the six, distinct virtues for your daughter to aspire to, we provide her guidelines for building quality, effective and healing relationships with herself and others. Each Aspiration builds on the previous and will develop more deeply long after her stay at Greenbrier.

By relying heavily on peer evaluation throughout the process, she will build resiliency in accepting information from her sisters as feedback, not failure. In time, your daughter will be motivated to do the right things out of a sincere concern for the well-being of herself and others.

How does the Aspirations Program work?

Each Aspiration is broken down in to emotional, mental and behavioral descriptions that define and enliven what your daughter is aspiring toward. Your daughter will be educated about what constitutes love and virtue through curriculum, study and discussion.

With her Treatment Team leading the way, your daughter focuses on adopting her current Aspiration both internally and externally. The focus of her one-on-one therapy sessions, academic life, residential interactions and involvement in Greenbrier’s Signature Therapeutic Programs centers around her given Aspiration.

At the Family Unit and school-wide Aspiration Council Meetings, she is given the chance to be recognized for her forward motion and given assistance with any behaviors or conflicts that do not reflect her Aspiration and weaken the Greenbrier culture.

Once she has demonstrated that she has internalized and embodied her given Aspiration, your daughter will begin focusing on the next Aspiration with assessments and recommendations made by the Aspirations Council.


An Aspirations Council exists at the Family Unit level as well as school wide. Both councils meet weekly for at least an hour.

The purpose of our Aspiration Council is:

To provide leadership training for Greenbrier students

To provide a school wide student voice that advises Greenbrier administrators about school policy, procedures, and activities

To help implement solutions as needed

To have student body leadership that leads the Aspirational culture at Greenbrier

To problem solve and recommend solutions for school wide challenges

To intervene with students who need encouragement, accountability and support when appropriate

The Family Unit Aspirations Council is led by your daughter’s Treatment Team. These smaller meetings allow each member of the Family Unit a chance to speak and all members to support any sister that needs assistance.

The school-wide Aspirations Council is led by appointed student representatives from each Family Unit and overseen by representatives from the academic, clinical and residential staff. The student representatives serve as leaders of the council for 2 months, allowing leadership opportunities to rotate within the community.